What is said and seen here is me personally and alone. I represent no one.

I am an IT guy. I run an IT dept for an insurance agency in central Florida. My topics will range from techie to personal. My tech speciality is BI, SQL, ETL, SSIS, SSRS but I love all aspects of IT and in any given day I might be configuring cisco routers, setting up Avaya phone systems, doing development, report writing, management stuff or just fixing one of our hated printers.

This is a place where I can vent, blow off steam and generally just share stuff I want too. My lovely wife Sarah may join in and post pictures and her own writings here as well. Sarah is in dental school at UF during the week and drives home to us on the weekends. She graduates on May 20th 2011, which happens to be my birthday and we will be together again.

We have a kid. Her name is Dorothy and she is the coolest person I have ever met. We love her with everything we are and she is truly a joy.

I am a liberal. I dont hate people, unless they deserve to be hated. Not for skin color,  belief structure, sexual preference, economic status or anything cosmetic. I am a struggling athiest/agnostic/christian. My wife and Child are devout Christians with a strong belief in God.

I enjoy building tech toys or projects and my biz partner and I have created 4 web sites. http://www.injektwit.com, http://www.tweetfiler.com, http://www.howbigsyourtweego.com, http://www.howbigsyourtweenis.com – we love writing code.

I love movies. -Clerks 2, Fight Club, Godfather, Requiem, Diving Bell, Batman, City of God, Old country, armegeddon, Ridley and Tony Scott Movies, Cohen bros,  and a ton of others.

I love music. -Staind, Nirvana, Chevel, Kid Cudi, Thrill Kill Kult, Consolidated, Fugees, TuPac, Rent, Les Mis, Wicked- a ton of stuff but not much country

I love hanging out with my family doing pretty much anything.

I really love quiet nights with my wife talking about things that only we care about, Motive of good and evil, social crap, medical crap all kinds of good stuff.

And most of all I love the Connection. The viseral slimy tenticle that connects my best friend and I. Its all about The Connection.

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