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SQL Server 2005 SSIS tutorial with Universe ODBC connection

April 12, 2010 1 comment

A friend of mine was asking me about some beginner SSIS examples or tutorials and I remembered that I had one that I had created from a conference I gave on hooking SQL to Universe a few years back. Well I dug it out and looked it over and its pretty strong.

Now this is a tutorial dealing with some things that are specific to UV but it will work for anyone wanting to learn SSIS. Instead of creating the data source pointing to UV you would just point it to your other DB. It can be any other database you will just have to make sure to use the appropriate data connecter and data source. If you have questions or concerns or just want to chat about SSIS SSRS or SQL in general you can always hit me up at

Dont just watch the powerpoint, download and go through it manually as the notes give the specifics of what is going on. If you want the SSIS package that was created in this email me and I will get it to ya. Thanks and I hope you are having an awesome monday.

SQL Server 2005 SSIS tutorial with Universe ODBC connection