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Early #FF

January 6, 2011 Leave a comment

So we got some new vid equipment and I wanted to test it out before i do a few things at the office with it. So brought it home and my fearless daughter helped me make a video. To be honest i had no idea what we were gonna do until we got in front of the camera. The new equip was a light and a black backdrop and I wanted to see how it would work. I think the vid is over exposed a bit and as I use it more I will learn with it. But hell the minute i put it up, tossed it out to my followers on twitter, in the first 5 views someone disliked it on youtube, with no comment. That kills me, just let me know why you didnt like it or disagree. Is it bad quality or is it exploitative in your opinion or whatever. But not leaving a comment means I cant fix it if I desire to.So now i feel all mixed about it. If dorothy was a david I wouldnt have a concern in the world but because shes not I worry.

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November 12, 2010 2 comments

Its been a long week. Seems like an eternity. I think its because Sarah and I got so little time together. Just 1 day really. That sucks. Pretty much that way for the rest of november. She takes state boards during thanksgiving week, then my folks are flying us home to Tennessee. That will rock. I am dying to see my sister and her children. Its been almost a year since we have seen family so it will be really nice.

Ive been keeping busy. Writing a lot of code for it out -send a tweet to @tf66 add **tech, **cool, **etc for categories). Thats our most current project. Dorothy has been loving the Kinect and working on her dancing. We are going to make another kinect video to enter into a contest and then I am going to make a 3 or 4 min micro film for another contest. I feel pretty burnt out. Just been coding like crazy and i cant figure out why. I love doing these projects, they are cool but I feel like i am just spinning my wheels a lot of time. I have been writing a bit again and that is a real pleasure. The name of my current story is the Death of awkward Rollie. Meh guess i just wanted to meander tonight. Well if you reading this then I hope you are close to someone you love and someone that loves you because tonight I am not, and man do I wish I was.

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Dance Central and Kinect Vid

November 7, 2010 Leave a comment

The kid and all her pals are digging Kinect. Its cool watching these girls who have had a cursory interest in video games being pulled into it like some grizzled WOW junky. And the coolest thing is they are not static games, these are filled with movement and motion. When she pauses Kinect she grabs for water. I watched Dorothy play for about an hour and a half and she was huffing after. Its a really cool healthy thing and I appreciate it.


July 9, 2010 6 comments

I so enjoy being a father. It is my most important and satisfying job. I have a responsibility to my child to help her define how the rest of her experience will be tinted. That blows my mind, its an amazing thing to watch the transference of knowledge and perception to the only legacy that will matter on that last day.

We are very open-minded. We teach acceptance, it is a core principle. We try and teach logic and understanding-but an understanding that the current perception is transitive and based on personal experience, as experience changes so does perception. That seems heavy for an 8 year old but we observe the effects pretty commonly. She likes certain age-appropriate songs I find objectionable and she will advise  “We all have our opinions, Dad, and in life, their will be differing opinions”, cool, that’s good logic.

We try and base our decisions on what is right and fair. We try to listen and understand the story before reacting.We try and teach that everything a human does is based on perception. Men kill men because of differing perceptions. You have to figure out your own truth to things. We teach action reaction, make a choice, good or bad there will be a repercussion. We try not to get angry when she chooses poorly, it is her cognizant decision to do something-she understood she was agreeing to the risk of punishment when he made the choice. There is the occasional disappointment with the choice that she made although the decisions themselves are relatively trivial at this age but the logic behind the choice is what I want her to understand. We use each incident as a learning experience.

When we pick D up, first thing she tells us  is if she got in trouble for that day and if so why? What choices did she make?  We discuss it, what was she thinking at the moment she made the decision. Then we figure out severity. The thing we cant abide is cruelty- so that is straight to bed no dinner, lay in your bed for 8 hours, write a letter describing why you did what you did and what you were feeling, etc, etc kinda infraction. Misbehaving, acting out, doing the occasional prank; some of that we chalk up to being a kid, some of that she gets in trouble for.  We handle each situation independently.

Often i wonder if this stuff will last with her and if it is sinking in, but i think it is. I remember this time we were at a restaurant and Dorothy was two. We were nagging her to say no sir, yes ma’am, excuse me and so on and if you have met D, you know how that has worked out, she is very polite. But I remember someone giving us a hard time about her being to young to understand, that it was better to wait till she was older. All Sarah and I could think was, well if not now, when, what age do we start teaching our principles? This is how we have chosen to raise our daughter. And it’s cool. Sometimes I feel so over the top happy just girlishly giddy because I know her and have helped shape her.

We wont really know if any of this worked until much later down the road. But we have made conscience decisions to raise her in this manner. And we just really enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy your kids, cause does anything else matter? Really?

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Our take on Christmas Recitals

July 8, 2010 Leave a comment

I actually forgot we made this Video and never posted it but was doing some house cleaning and happened apon it. I watched the vid and thought it was cute. Our little movie about Dorothy’s Christmas Recital. Hope ya like.

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Our Over the Rainbow

June 28, 2010 Leave a comment

A few weeks back we spent 4 days in one of the coolest places on earth. Ft. Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas. Go there. Its an amazing adventure. It is what lies over the rainbow for our little family.

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The Dangers of Nair

April 9, 2010 12 comments

The Short:

The long:

So last night I was kinda bored and waiting for an application to download. Now with me having every device known to man that could connect to the internet, you might think that a fine young technician such as myself would do a little online research before I attempted the below endeavor. But naw I didn’t. I just jumped right in and learned a valuable lesson about chemicals and sensitive parts of the male anatomy.

I hadn’t spruced up my nether region in a bit and figured I would go ahead and see what I could do to make it a little more appealing and less hairy. Ya know, have a little surprise for ol sar when she came home. Luckily, a little earlier I had procured a bottle of Nair which I thought had to be safer than shaving, since long ago I had nicked myself down there trying to remove some offending strands.

Skeptically I tested this less than fragrant lotion on my upper pubic region and was pleasantly surprised at how effective the treatment was. Mop gone, no pain, everything looking good-to-go. I had to leave it on a little longer than the bottle said to be effective. No big deal, what’s an extra minute or two… Or so I thought. I was pretty happy with the result and couldn’t wait to share my new-found baldness with my lady-love, but I had a few more places that needed to be cleared before I would be fully rid of that dastardly hair.

With the success of the first treatment, I figured ok cool now I just have to do the harder-to-reach, more delicate areas. I went ahead and applied the lotion to anywhere I saw or felt hair. I smeared it on thick. By the time I was finished I looked pretty silly, kinda like a big guy in a little white speedo. I made sure there was no fur left uncovered. I was actually quite proud of my application prowess, dumb man pride to be exact. That whole process took about 2 minutes. Well, Nair instructions say to leave it on for 3-7 minutes then brush off with a sponge to make sure the hair was being removed completely. Since my first experiment showed I needed a full 10 minutes to really ensure that all frizzies were removed, I figured I had plenty of time, especially since there were no side effects the first time around. So I got my area all covered with the white creamy goodness that is Nair and I carefully took a seat and started to play with our new iPad. Unfortunately, I  lost track of time. After a very long 2-3 minutes, a warm tingling sensation arose in my most sensitive of spots. It felt kinda good, like drinking warm hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

As I was reveling in this sensation, its intensity slowly grew. Gone was the warm fuzzy feeling, replaced by more of a “gonads on fire” vibe. So, being the smart guy I am, I figured it may be time to hop in the shower and get the pain-inducing substance off of my most prized possessions. In the time it took me to walk from my bed to the shower(about 15 feet), the uncomfortable burning engulfed my privates and quickly transformed into a raging conflagration of pain and misery. Tiny wisps of smoke were coming from places one NEVER wants to see smoke coming from. So now I am hopping up and down, Nair dripping off me in a most unappealing way, trying to get in the shower, all the time feeling like a midget with a flamethrower was using me to make testicular flambé.

Nair’s instructions, which I was having a hard time remembering because of the overriding concern for my boys, advises gentle removal of the hair with the provided sponge. Yea, just a point of reference: When your balls are burning with the fires of hell and you have to use an abrasive sponge to remove anything, it hurts. Really really badly. But there I am in the shower trying to get this damn Nair off my fellas before I am permanently chemically castrated using a sponge that feels like lava rock on the base of that most tender temple.

When I finally got the infernal goo washed away, I discovered that my personal pouch was as red as a tomato and throbbing with the heat of Hades. It felt like I had been racked by a really pissed off 10 foot porcupine that had been all roided up!

So if you see me gingerly walking around the office today you will understand why. You don’t have to ask, you will just know. And we never have to speak of this again.

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