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News has never effected me like it has this time. I just keep thinking 20 kids, 20 kids, 20 kids, 20 kids. I am so hurt. I feel so angry. I dont want to care this much. I am getting older. I can see those parents and what a terribly scary and soul twisting ordeal. How do you ever come back from that. How do you just not check out., 20 kids, 20 kids, 20 kids. Is it because the population is getting larger and there for by % more of us are broke? Faaaaasssskkkk. I know I feel wooped as hell. I had a few long nights recently and I kinda thought ok thats why it impacted me so much. But got up this morning got my coffee, sat down and started reading the news and just started bawling. Like a little girl. So i may be verbal in the next bit because i sure as hell feel like screaming. I hope you have a good day and do something nice for someone. 

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