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Well its day 4 and I am at 8% funded on my Kickstarter. Its doing better than I thought it would to be honest. You dont get a ton of stats from kickstarter but here is a screen cap of a part of the dashboard they provide. Image

I know for alot of the big guns and heavy names out their 1300 views is paltry but for me 1300 views in 4 days is pretty darn good. With 13% of them actually finishing the video(which could do with a little work). Thats 170ish folks that let the whole video play. It seems somewhere out there something is resonating with folks or they are retching so hard from the awfulness of my ideas they cant close the browser or stop the vid. Nothing I have ever done before generated that much interest.

Its nice not having to worry about my product being seen. Sure there are marketing campaigns and news stories for some projects and obviously some have a hell of alot of cash behind them but for the most part each project gets the same chance at being found, leaving it up to the user to judge the value. The exposure I have gotten from having a kickstarter project has already made any monetary/time investment(which there has been a bit of) worth while.  Yes, you can push it to your social networks, and you can leverage your contacts but most of the folks I know personally or through Social probably wouldn’t be my market.  If you are like me and hate selling stuff then Kickstarter or other crowdsourcing platforms seem perfect. They let you concentrate on the tech and they give you exposure. Yummy.

of course even with all the exposure in the world sometimes the message gets muddles. An issue I have with Bloom(more over the message) is folks keep thinking you have to put it together. You dont. You order it and choose what color  and it shows up ready for play at your house nothing else needed. I am not sure how i can get that across better. i do think the picture looks a little shabby so right now I am building another one to use for a new video.

Its always funny how you see the actions and decisions you make play out vs the way they are received. Like the color of the prototype. Folks really hate the yellow. That was a decision that I thought about and finally landed on.  I thought “Wow, what color  would be bright and happy and shiny? Yellow!” My wife said to go with black, the daughter said chrome I disregarded both and went with textured yellow which has caused some real confusion. The next one will be clean Blue i think. I have at least learned another lesson, Bottom line, listen to the chicks cause they are right!

Heres hoping you are having a Happy Day!

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