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The Process

September 17, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Going through this kickstarter process has been interesting. As of today i have 1 backer for my project. I feel good and bad about it. First i feel like hell yea I got a backer on kickstarter! Second I feel like – Hell I got “a” backer on kickstarter.  For those that are unaware kickstarter is a site that gets  funding for an idea of yours by other folks that find value in that idea.

I built Bloom from a baby idea in my head into a finished project. I wanted to see if I could come up with something and what the process was to get that something on kickstarter and to see if this idea had merit. It would rock to have Bloom get funded and for us to drive that idea forward but that wasn’t the immediate goal. The goal was get a project on Kickstarter. Its neat having a project on there next to projects that are getting millions of dollars of funding. Plus I am learning a bunch for the next time. And I wont lie, of course it would be even better for it to be sucessfully funded but if it doesnt I am not gonna quit trying, I will just refine my processes.

Thats a reason I love these crowdsourcing platforms. I have a ton of ideas, and I have gotten pretty decent at figuring out which and what I can bring to small scale fruition. So now when I start my next project I will have a very defined goal in place. Get it to kickstarter and get 20% funded or something like that. Enough iterations and i should see sucess….at some point.

Before Kickstarter came along I had  few web products that I built and got a little bit of funding for. But the part that always dragged me down and just took my energy away was trying to sell people on an idea. Its just not my ball of wax. Thats truly why i love the idea of these crowdsourcing platforms. They are for the dreamers. If you can vet your idea through this platform it will save you a ton of time. From the reception of Bloom so far I know that I probably am not in the right space and for me to be  successful some changes will need to be made.  For the next project I need to scale the price down, make the concept easier to understand, and polish it a bit more before release to Kickstarter.

I have also met some really cool folks that have helped me understand that others do see value in my concepts and that is always reaffirming and builds confidence. And the people that have given input on kickstarter have been a great resource to make my next project better.

I write this with fingers crossed that Bloom will take off, that the inherit value and beauty of Bloom will win over the hearts of the masses and it will get funded. I also write this with open eyes knowing that there is a good possibility of Blooms failure to get funded. But the lessons learned, the experiences gained and the knowledge that I get from the failure makes it way worth it. Anyone that really knows me, knows i dont fear failure, hell I fail all the time. But i try and learn from each failure. I just want to  make myself a little better after each one. And i know this as a truth in my life – I would rather try and fail 1000 times than to not try.

Happy monday!

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