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Term Limits

We need to impose immediate new term limits on our highest level government officials. The creation and enabling of career politicians has helped bring alive this monstrosity we call a government. These “representatives” of ours don’t have a clue anymore. They have lost their way and we need to correct the system to ensure those that are supposed to be looking out for us, are. The system today is built to perpetuate greed, corruption, corporate deals and all other sorts of nonsense. Take an individual who has been in the same position for 20 years look at all the back deals, favors, and secret handshakes they had to make to stay where they are. How many times have they comprised the greater good in one of those deals for “One” more term. We need to take being reelected off the board and get some fresh blood into our government. We hear the same things from different people right now.

Look at this Chart. Thats insane, the same people for up to 55 years – thats like accepted stagnation. Apathy and a feeling of futility must clog large segments of the communities that elect these “lifers”. Before you give me the “They have sacrificed for us” speech lets keep in mind these humble civil servants make 174,000 a year. Shouldn’t that be based on the financial situation and location of the individual.  Pay them the median of what the American People in their constituency make.

To accomplish what I would like, we will have to make a few changes, they wont be easy, but we are AMERICA and this is the kinda stuff we are famous for. Lets start with the House of Representatives, we are gonna extent their term by two years, we will give them 4 years. That should be plenty of time to make an impact.  They can get elected to the Senate(moving on up) but they can not get reelected to the same position. Today they have a Two year term. Two years. They aren’t thinking about anything other than getting reelected once they get in. They don’t have time to. So they are trying their damnest to not piss off the more senior members and do just enough to stay in the news for their constituency. Its a politics boot camp.

For the Senate we will leave them at 6 years. One term for six years and that’s it. That sounds so nice to me. It would solve so many of our problems. We have this super embedded old boy network in Washington and that’s not what we need. Its time we made a change to the system to allow it to start helping us again.

The Pres? Votes out on him – leave him at 4 and reelect or do we give him 8? I think if a president had 8 we would get more done but that’s a long time for an asshole to be in office.

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