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Where it stands

June 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Whew. It feels like is been a while since i have been able to sit down and take a breathe. We have had so much going on in the last 6 monthes it has been pretty insane.

Sarah is home. She had her first day of work today and starts seeing patients on Tuesday the 5th. We moved the rest her stuff back from Gville Saturday. Its nice to know we are done up there.

So now its life as normal. Not sure we know what that means for us yet but we are excited about finding that out. It still doesnt feel real. A few moments in each day I feel an immense euphoria over having her back home and getting through what we did. But shes back and we are really enjoying being together.

We had an amazing vacation in North Carolina. We spent alot of time together and really disconnected from the world. I ended up in cold ass river and lake water a whole lot but had a blast.  We spent a day waterfall hunting. We went swimming under a waterfall together and holding my wife in that freezing water feeling warmth only where her skin and mine touched was a magic and memorable moment.

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Earn Love

June 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Do you earn love everyday? We say I love you in relationships with regularity that is scary. It gets so those 3 very powerful words get diluted and almost become a given. One of my fears as Sarah returns is slipping into a pattern that takes her for granted. It freaks me out a bit. When you spend 2 days out of 7 together it becomes very easy to layer surprises and little tokens of affection almost every time we would get together. I have been kinda strategizing internally on how to accomplish this.

I woke up one morning this weekend and it kinda hit me. It simple really, Just earn her love everyday. I dont want to take it as a given that she loves me, I want to proactively engage her needs. Microsuprises – little things done throughout the normal course of a day that show you care. A magazine she likes from the store, a car wash, paying the bills or anything that she would appreciate and that wouldnt fall under your “normal” responsibilities.   Do at least one thing a day for love if I am able.

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