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Tomorrow is our big day. Sarah graduates dental school. As this has approached the thing that I have been thinking about the most is gratitude. How thankful we are for those that have supported us through this time. We have been very fortunate to be surrounded by people that have enabled us to finish this undertaking.

When we examine all those that have helped us along the way I think first we have to thank my parents. 8 years ago they helped us send Sarah back to undergraduate to finish. They had faith in us from the very beginning and have stood by us the whole way. When ever we needed advice a shoulder to cry on or a little extra cash they have been there for us. We always knew if things got tough we could turn to them and they would stand beside us. Their belief in us bolstered our confidence and resolve and once again have shown us what it is to be family.

I am extremely thankful for Sarahs pals up in gainseville. One of the hardest things about being separated as much as we have is the constant worry. Making sure Sarah didn’t break down on the side of the road and giving her a place to turn and to help her through some of the dark times. Without them I doubt we could have completed this epic journey. There are 2 people specifically that I have come to consider part of our family. Yasmine and Sumaya(i always spell it wrong) I always felt when Sarah was driving off in the morning that she was leaving one family to go and be a part of the other. I have listened to these girls adventures and trials throughout the last four years and watched what I hope will be a life long friendship. They will always be welcome in our home and we consider them a part of our family.

My other family- Which is the entirety of the staff at Lanier Upshaw and in particular the CEO Scott Franklin, the CFO Bruce Bulman and my closest friend Matt Sandonato. It was almost 7 years ago when Scott took a chance on me and provided the support and opportunity to be able to tackle this task. He had faith in us and he had belief that we would be able to complete this journey. Bruce has been my personal wailing wall. He has let me vent and calmed me and helped me deal with the doubts, fears and insecurities as I have gone through them. And then there was Matt. Ever since Matt came here he has been my partner. He has picked up the slack when I had to be daddy and has always been more than willing to step in watch Dorothy take anything off my plate and just overall been there for us. Its been a blessing working at Lanier Upshaw. Like any company we have our challenges but more often than not I left work smiling and glad to be a part of a great company. We spend so much time at work that without the constant encouragement that we received from them, everyday would have been drudgery.

There are countless others that have been supportive, from my pals on twitter to my tech circle around the states to Sarah’s family that has kept her spirits raised and talked to her almost every day. There is so much for us to be grateful for and so many people to show gratitude too that it is impossible to cover them all. Know that we thank you and we appreciate all that you have done for us.

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10 days

May 10, 2011 Leave a comment

I have 10 days left before my baby comes home. Its been 1400 days that we have been seperated. We have had no more than 14 days together in the past 4 years. Its a massive accomplishment that I am probably prouder of than anything else we have been through. My wife will be a dentist and we will be reunited. The emotion that I have right now is pretty intense.

10 days, 240 hours and this is done. It is so close.

Its hard to articulate the pride that I feel for my wife. To be gone from her support system and be able to do what she did it is an amazing feat for which I will be forever greatful.

I have watched her grow from a teenager into this self confident woman that is my partner in every way. This year is such a big year for us. She finishes dental school, we are back together, we have our 10th anniversary and a side project of mine has turned into a small start-up. I am looking forward to the next decade with excitement and anticipation.

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