Self Awareness

A twitter buddy of mine got me thinking about self awareness. Thanks @Daisyface1. She pondered “When does self awareness Happen?”

Unfortunately in our society today, we generally leave it up to happenstance. Self Awareness is not something that is heavily promoted.

To be self aware is to understand that the opinions we formulate, the emotions we have, and the ideas we birth are correlated to our current and past perceptions and situations. That as an individual entity we maintain likes and dislikes, prejudices and preferences based on where we have been and what we have been shown. Ideas, experiences, memories define who we are as an individual.  Awareness also brings a certain propensity for growth, most whom understand that they are simply a collection of reactions to experiences would want to experience as much as possible to enhance that collection.

It’s different for everyone, the “intensity” of awareness will vary greatly for each individual but at some point in life, tragedy will happen. Something totally out of control that couldn’t have been stopped will be the catalyst to self awareness. For some it happens when they are young and for some it happens in adulthood with a friend or parent dying. Once its known how little control we have questions start popping up and the wall of illusion starts crumbling. Some answer those questions with religion and spirituality while others will not be so fortunate. Often time the “transcendence” is  a messy one full of heart wrenchingly bad decisions as we try and figure out which way is up.

We set up this fantasy of expected perfection from our children ensuring they go through a traumatic uncovering of how imperfect the world really is. There has to be a balance in early life. We need parents that cheer for success but allow for failure. Ones that acknowledge strengths and weaknesses, and promote realistically looking at who we are, and why we feel and think the way we do. Teaching children to try and see both sides of self and others with honest eyes. Ensuring they understand that no one is perfect, and no one is terrible unless they choose to be. To help grasp that opinion is just a reflection of perception.

If we could do that for a generation or two the world would be a different place.

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