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Jayden, Mom and Robin

It was an amazing time in Tennessee over thanksgiving. I got to go shopping with my dad, We sat, had coffee, shared a sandwich and chatted about manly things. It was great and those few moments are precious to me. I love him, he defines what I hope to be as a father. He’s always been there for us and I am deeply grateful. So we got to hang out a bit and my “Ma” and I got to talk late into the night. Shes my very good friend. If we lived close we would chill and go to movies and have intellectual arguments about topics few others care about. I long for their impact on Dorothy and fear that she doesnt see them or the Kahles enough.

I got to see my niece, Nicole Marie whom i love dearly. She walks with a purpose, shoulders swinging and chin jutted out. Looking as if shes got to be somewhere important in a hurry! This is a little story about Nicole:

This fella named Josh, who has been a good friend to our family for almost as long as mom and dad have lived in Clarksville brought his lady friend Kim lee to the house for turkey and libations. Well kim brought Nicole Marie a Shelf Elf – this is a little elf that sits on the shelf in a bedroom or somewhere and watches to ensure the child stays on the good side of santa. He reports back all the childs activities to the man in red regularly. So she gets the elf and goes sets it up and the adults get to talking. A few minutes later in saunters Nicole. “That elf Scare me.” she advised us somberly slowly shaking her little head. Mom inquires, “Whys that, Nicole?” Nicole sighed deeply and replied very seriously “I stare straight at that elf for that 5  minutes, and he stare straight at me for that 5 minutes and on that 6th minute he supposed to look away and he didn’t!”   Shes a doll and I miss her already.

My sister and i didnt get as much time as I wanted but we were both running around and have pledged to remedy that come christmas. I did get to meet her son and hang out with him and his dad for a bit.

I got to spend some time with my grandmother. Baba, as we call her. It seems what ever time I get its never enough, She’s the wisest of us all and without her none of us would be here.

I didnt turn on a computer much while I was there and since T-Mobile service is kinda like having twine and soup cans my phone was worthless. I was pretty disconnected but really enjoyed the respite.

I walked in the woods for hours taking pictures and feeling all Thoreauish. I saw deer, Pileated Woodpecker and all sorts of other interesting avians while chatting it up with my adventurous cousin Ethan.

There was no wifi here but I didnt mind in the least.


All in all it was a great time and I cant wait to get back for Christmas.

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