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Bad decisions are better than No decisions at all.

November 13, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Often we would rather put off making a hard decision forever. Thats a mistake. In the face of a non decision you can not act. You spend a ton of time deliberating the pros and cons of said decision and what might happen and what may occur if you go this way or that. If you make the decision and it turns out to be the wrong one at least you can figure out what you need to do to remedy that choice. You also take control of the situation, taking action of some kind gives you a feeling of control and allows you to manage your life. That is not the case with a decision you choose not to face.

Inaction paralyzes us and make us feel weak and out of control and makes the people affected perceive us as weak and out of control.  Some times the problems are wrapped in complexity and layers that are impossible see all the angles. We may allow those complexities to excuse our inaction as we hope that the problem will self resolve. We spend to much time and emotional energy figuring out how to solve the problem to not act once we have our choices laid out.

Thats when the problem starts. Sometimes the choice we know to be best has some optional ramifications that we cant clearly determine so we keep putting it off. But by putting it off more energy is wasted stressing about what might happen then biting the bullet making the decision and reacting to the fallout be it good or bad. At least you can move forward and beyond that problem. The results of not making a choice need to be figured in as well.

I think you have to look at all the known facts of a the problem, figure out what the best and worse case scenario could be for each of your choices and then make a decision. Decisive action moves things forward regardless if they are bad. If you are human and you ever have choices to make you will make bad ones. True freedom comes when you can recognize that bad choices can be corrected. One of my main issues with nondecisions is sooner or later you are going to have to come to those cross roads and choose. At that time you will have to face the positives or negatives from the decision so I just dont see the logic in putting it off.

We know what we want to do to fix a problem. Late at night when everything is quite and the day is done that voice in your head thats telling you to make a choice is right.

This is not to advocate rash decisions, which are decisions that are made without all the facts or thinking through the effects but once you have the facts, and have mapped out the consequences don’t put it on the sideline.  Like Nike says-Just do it.

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