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Don’t grow up too fast.

I am scared. Really Scared.  A buddy of mine has a son that recieved a text from a girl asking “Where do you like doing it better, the bedroom or someplace else?”. The girl that sent the text was 13 years old. What the hell!!! I cant even tell you even tell you how jacked up that makes life. By 13 or 14 a boys hormones are raging so hard they are testing the lubricating properties of materials most women would find inconceivable. The one thing that stops boys from making woefully stupid mistakes is inaccessibility. The mighty moral wall that woman have can be tough to climb. unfortunately with each passing generation that wall has lowered and been held by fewer and fewer people. But now it feels non-existent. 13 years old should be an innocent time, adulthood comes to quickly and that innocence is lost forever.

I look at my little girl and cringe, fret and worry.

Everywhere I look it seems like the edge between childhood and adulthood gets a little fuzzier. Everything is pushing these kids to grow up so fast. The clothes that are peddled to them, the shows that they are bombarded with, its like hurry up become a adult as fast as you can.  So we take the accelerated aging, add in a portion of reduced morality and that’s how we get to the 13 year old girls that send texts like the above. And its cyclical, if that child has a child at 15 then that becomes the norm for the childs child. And it takes the exception to break the trend. It should be the other way around.

I am a Dad, I guess its normal for me to worry. But I was hoping to have to chase boys off at 15,16 or even later not at 13. 13 seems too young to me.

  1. July 31, 2010 at 4:33 am

    From what I have read and know of you, I think your daughter is going to grow up respecting herself and knowing what she should do and not do. You are a cool dad and it seems you can talk to her about anything and she can do the same to you.

    Just make sure she hangs around a lot of gay boys and she will be fine 🙂

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