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How can Blogging help in an insurance agency?

With time an insurance agencies blog can help retain business and bring in new clients.

There is no better place to put the ideas and ways that you are different from the agency down the street than a blog. A blog that looks and reads well, that provides timely information and  tackles interesting topics can be a valuable resource to everyone. This is an agencies chance to show the world and  local community the ideas and ideals that set them apart.

An insurance agency can describe why a client or prospect should stick with A rated carriers or explain what AM Best ratings are and why one might care. Topics could and should range from coverage issues and new concerns to things that are happening in the agency and community initiatives the agency  partakes in.

Generally the difficult part of the blog is the process.  Who is going to write it? What are they going to say? Can we be sued for it? Are all the checks in place to ensure we are as protected as possible? Answering these questions take time, energy and can be a real pain, but the pay off in the end will be well worth it.

After you have the process down then it comes to content creation. That is as easy as looking into the resources for your individual state or risk specialty. There are tons of new coverages and products coming out monthly, so many that it’s hard for even the agent to keep abreast of everything.

There is a slew of opportunity to use health care reform to educate your current clients with brief weekly or monthly synapses.  Use the blog to write about something cool a client or prospect is doing. Could there be a better way to endear the agency to them?

Blogging can be a great way to educate the public about a new product or risk. Think “Cyber Liability”. Providing a service to educate prospects and clients on the risk and pitfalls of not being covered may open up the chance at a crossell. Of course there is the old guard that will want to hold on to that information and will say “We can’t give that great knowledge away for free! People will come and learn from it and buy insurance elsewhere.” Bah on that. If folks want the information, they are going to get it. But if it is your information they are getting educated on, over time a percentage will choose that it’s  a wise decision to buy from the agency that is unafraid to spread the word.

There are a few keys to a successful blog. First and foremost a blog needs to have a voice. Not some monotonous boring lecturer but a voice that clients and prospects can connect with. The content needs to be fresh, timely and relevant. There is nothing worse than visiting a blog that hasn’t been updated in months and months. Posts needs to be as short and information filled as possible while retaining personality. The information needs to be important to the industries that are within each agencies sweet spot.

There are a few things that dont need to be in a blog. This CSR getting a designation or the cool salesman of the year award to producer x are all better served being spread through different media.  A blog is the agencies time to shine, a time to offer the community a service and access to some of its insights. Through the open exchange of information the agency has a oppurtunity to become a trusted resource. Once that happens the sales will follow.

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