I am tired of folks blaming BP, Tony, Halliburton and any other for profit companies out there for the oil spill disaster. Just sick of it. It smacks of the lack of accountability that is dragging us to hell. Yes they are evil bastard companies that only want to make money. Yes Tony is a PR bafoon of epic proportions but and I hate to say it, this is not his fault. He may not be the most sensitive of people and he sure doesn’t have many political friends now but he exists to ensure a profitable return to the shareholders of BP. He is nothing more than a poorly controlled puppet at this point. His job is to make the company make as much money as possible.  That’s what big companies exist to do. Make money. To provide a service, to satiate a demand. And that’s where my problems begin I think,  who created the demand?

I created the demand. I am responsible for the oil spill. You created the demand, you are responsible for the oil spill. We have become a people of excess and over abundance. To live this well and be the great nation we are we have to have a few things to make that engine go.  One of those things is oil, lots and lots of the gooey black sludge that is destroying our beaches. What I don’t understand is our reaction to accidents that occur and our belief that we have the power to control all the variables to eliminate accidents from happening. On the odd occasion we don’t stop the accident then by god we need someone to blame. Someone has to be at fault!

Not really, no they don’t.  Its life, shit happens. If you do something enough times chances are the percentages will catch up to you. Of course in retrospect you can go to any scene of any accident large or small and find something that helped create the problem. But its not the root cause.

The root cause of this accident is consequence free consumption. We pitch a bloody fit when oil prices rise 5 cents, politicians start to cringe and people start to stampede so we say drill baby drill, keep the people happy, give them what they want. So they dig thousands of wells to ensure the steady flow of oil. And when one of those wells, that our demand created has an accident we look everywhere except where we need to for someone or something to blame. The sad part is we all know, in the back of our minds we all know, its our own damn faults. We love our cars and our planes, we hate public transportation, we don’t buy local because its a bit more expensive and not as convenient, we haven’t embraced recycling and the list goes on. We can not have our cake and eat it too. You cant poke holes into the earth all over the place and not expect accidents to occur. We are not all powerful or all knowing.

So lets stop pointing fingers. Figure out what you are going to do to help reduce your personal consumption. what will you sacrifice for the betterment of the whole. And if you cant find something or  if you are unwilling to change then so be it. But don’t get pissed off at black beaches and oily hurricanes of fiery doom.

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