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I am not a fan boy or anything but sometimes I find things that  need to be brought to the attention of folks that might not take a looksy otherwise. If you haven’t heard it already you should at least give Recovery a once over. Most of us are familiar with Eminem, for the last decade he has been a controversial figure in music that hasn’t been overly positive. Many of his songs have been devisive and laden with violence and hate,  but hes changing and you should take notice because I believe it is a herald of music to come.

The most important thing about Recovery is its tone. For the most part it is not about bling or shooting other rappers or how much money he has or bitches or any of the normal fair that so many rap songs are comprised of today. Its about him and us and failure and depression and success. Its about the life that we all go through.  There is a fair amount of cursing but they are easy to get around by getting the albumn from wally world or itunes.

Check it out.

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