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5 Google tools you probably don’t use

So i was watching a webcast today on the mac-iphone-Gizmodo debacle and a tool was cited in the web cast that I’ve seen and played with once or twice before but didn’t really use, Google Scholar. I figure that it might be nice to have a  list of some of the tools that I see and use and some that I just catch a glimpse of.

In no order I toss out 5 of em.

1. Google Scholar(wiki)- You can search through research, legal briefs, scientific papers and pretty much the whole gambit of scholarly works. All of it is referenced and cited and can be used to further other research. Play around with it and just keep it in your repertoire when the time comes that you need it.

2. Google Wave(wiki)-  I love Google wave. I actually am loathe to do certain things via email now. I am a tech guy, and I like specific areas of technology but others I don’t find as interesting. Well I have a few other tech guys in the same situation and I find that it is very easy to leverage the things I am weak at and they are strong at in the wave environment. Its hard to explain why, but there is no pressure in a wave. With an email, when someone sends me something I feel like I have an obligation to reply, even if just to say Nope, I cant help ya. In my professional life i find it extremely annoying when the courtesy of a return email isn’t proffered, and although i do perpetrate the crime on occasion I attempt  not to do so. With Wave though someone can ask a Citrix question and if I am added to the wave even though i know little about the system or how to run a Citrix server I can still gain from it, without feeling obliged to answer. Generally in email, if it doesn’t pertain to you, you will not be copied in, not to exclude but to save you from the increasing bombardment of email. I kinda went a little long on the wave thing. but i like it, get a friend on Google wave and plan something together, you wont go back to email for that stuff anymore. If you get a wave account and wanna check it out, add me uyht11@gmail.com. I will wave with ya.

3. Google Public Data Explorer(About)- This is an app that takes a ton of publicly available data and allows you to graph it. There are a plethora of interesting data points you can glean from the data. This is more of a fun thing to use and try out on those late nights you are roaming the internet.

4. Google City Tours – This app is one you might use if you are  visiting a city for a day or so and want to have a nice walkabout. You enter the city or you can be more specific with a street address if you so choose and it will plot out the interesting sites to see. Its a quick way to take a backup plan with you when you travel in case you have some time and you want to explore a little. Try it out, put a city in it you know well and see if it is a LIAR! 🙂

5. Google Fast Flip – This app displays the cover of almost any magazine, newspaper or site you can imagine and link to their web address.  I find that this tool makes it very easy to scan many articles quickly until one tickles my fancy. I can also see what is trending and what folks are talking about. I find it a fascinating and useful resource.

And of course you can always find something cool to play with at Google Labs. They are constantly releasing new and interesting tools.

Just 5 fun apps that add to the whole internet experience, check them out.

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