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HootSuite and Historical Tweets

Hootsuite is a web app you should get to know. It’s a extremely easy to use free social networking dashboard. For the most part I use it for Twitter maintenance but it allows you to hook up Facebook, multiple Twitter accounts, and a myriad of other social networks using a single password. It’s pretty darn nifty. I’ve used a ton of other twitter clients and don’t feel the others give the options and flexibility Hootsuite does.

It allows customization so Twitter can be used the way you need, and it really lets you find out what’s pertinent quickly. If you haven’t ever tried Twitter, Hootsuite is an awesome guide. I suggest checking it out.

I have set a few folks up on it in the past couple days and it really changed the way they looked at Twitter. I wouldn’t say they fell in love with Twitter but it did allow them to see the brighter side. Much of the content of Twitter is a bunch of garbage but in amidst the junk are some very interesting and useful nuggets, and this is one application that can help mine them quickly.

In other news, tweets will now be going into the library of congress.  This article has some interesting insight into the matter. It discusses how social networks have changed the way we rally behind causes, how we now have a louder voice and how these networks give us a visible quantifiable measure of social reaction to different events. Down the road all of those tweets will be used to get some very interesting social commentary. One small thing that wasn’t really lingered upon was whom has access to this information. It does say that the data will only be used for research and academic work but those definitions are pretty fluid when they need to be. I  kind of hope and wonder if in 80 years my great great grandkid will be able take a look at what I was tweeting.  I bet that happens. And I think it would be cool as beans.

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