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Bigot Rant

I cant stand Mike Huckabee. In a recent interview he once again discussed his views on Gay marriage. I don’t understand how there can be such bigoted bullshit by TV pundits, politicians or political hopeful’s in this day and age. Take religion out of it. No one can ever convince me that an all good, all loving God, that knows what is going to happen and controls everything would ever condemn a person for something they couldn’t choose. Alot of folks will say they did choose. I disagree. They are always finding out more and more that it may be genetic. And who the hell would choose to be gay, especially in this  hypocritical non tolerant society? And then we have Jesus, the coolest, most self sacrificing man in history. I just do not see him giving 1 iota about whom or how 1 person shows love to another.

80-90 years ago it was women’s rights(sufferage), 50-60 years it was blacks(civil rights movement) and now it is Gays. And that’s not to say that women or non-Caucasions are playing on a perfectly even playing field. Hell look at this article from the Wall Street Journal showing the difference in woman’s pay compared to men’s, its jacked. Especially as I eagerly await the arrival of my soon to be dentist wife, i get a little blue when I see that there is a 67% difference between her pay and his. I mean lets say the stat is 20% off to the good, thats still 87%. So Sar gets .87 cents to his dollar for the same work? That shit confuses me, because there is a vagina and breasts? Truly i don’t understand.

I think bottom line, I am just tired of people hating, not trusting and thinking the worst of other people because their experience and life has been a bit different. How would it affect my marriage or my family if I had Bob & Bob down the street from me? I mean at least 35-40% of marriages end in divorce with out gay marriage. It cant get much damn worse. So why don’t we give the gays a chance to do as Mike Hukabee says – “They have to prove that two men can have an equally definable relationship called marriage, and somehow that that can mean the same thing.”  And take a look in 5-10 years and see where our divorce rate is.

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  1. April 14, 2010 at 1:59 pm

    I hate you for writing expressing the subject so brilliantly. Anyone who has been on the receiving end of the hatred of anti-gay slurs and violence will agree with you entirely. Why people of power incite others directly or indirectly into their hatred of a segment of our society is absolutely beyond me. Why can’t we all just learn to love each other? There must be some element in humans that creates this hatred line of thinking, but it would be nice if we could find THAT gene and eliminate it.

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