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Old People are cool.

I have to say something about old people. They are cool. It sucks because alot of times i think they feel like a burden or that they dont have anything to offer and are just kinda hanging around until the next stage comes.

As time progresses it gets harder and harder to tell what old really is. I mean hell when i was 15, 20 seemed very aged, when I was 25, 35 seemed to be on the precipice of death and now that I am approaching 35, 90 aint looking so bad.

But I think they forget, I think they forget that without them we wouldn’t be here. I look at my grandmother, who may have lost a bit of speed and agility on her path but she  is still quick as a whip and gives verbally as good as anyone I have ever met. I mean hell she shot 5 children out of her, and those 5 children went on to have children of their own and now that generation is having kids. But none of us would have existed if not for a little good loving from ol grams back in the day. It sucks, because you cant sit there and pour praise on your grandmother like that because I think she feels like i am preparing her eulogy but damn the woman is important, important to me, important to my kid and important to our family as a whole. She has really just touched hundreds of people throughout her life. She had an impact, a large one and I think if I am sitting where she is sitting in 40-50 years and I can look and see all the people that I have touched then i can feel pretty damn good.

I tell ya, it was badass. Wednesday night I picked her up from my uncle(who was going to brave the bat sized mosquitos camping near Okeechobee) and brought her back to my house. And she did what grandmas do, she took stock of the kitchen, made a quick list and sent me to get the necessary accoutrements she would need to make a feast every day she was staying with us.

After that was finished and the eve was winding down I asked her what she wanted to do. She said lets watch a movie. I was thinking she would wanna watch casablanca or my fair lady or something a little low key and laid back. Nope, she wanted to watch Inglorious Bastards. I was suprised, pleasently so. It was cool as hell, just chillin with her watching a good movie and being together with this person who has touched so many of the people that have helped shape me.

I wish we had had more time together. Old people really are cool.

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