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Baptism, 1st communion, Confirmation, Family & Food

Our family had a busy weekend, My grandmother got dropped off, My Mom and Dad flew in and our daughter received most of the sacraments the catholic faith offers, all in 1 fell swoop.

Mom and dad got in Thursday night so Dad could be the “Godfather” to our daughter during her baptism. Now Dorothy isn’t a baby. She’s 8. And because she was past a certain age she qualified for a special deal they were running on sacraments; Which I believe is this- If the person isnt baptized and they are going to get baptized at Easter vigil then they will receive first communion and confirmation. That was pretty wild to me since I was 15 when I got confirmed and had to go through a gauntlet of tests and trials before i could get all confirmed up. With her, not so much. The proceedings were very well done and it was a really pretty mass, although I do believe that older folks with candles in the dark are a little worrisome, as they tend to have all kinds of fun chemicals in their hair and other spots. But we made it through without anyone burning up or being hurt and it turned out very nice.

Dorothy is very happy to have been a full member of the catholic faith even if she did mention that the blood of Christ didn’t taste too hot. And I am proud of her, proud that she went to the classes and took the time needed to get prepared for the event. And she looked so pretty. It’s wild when you look at your kid and think, “OMG that’s my kid, I am so old.”. At least I caught my self thinking that several times.

It was awesome of my folks to come in to town to sit in church for 3 or so hours and to be a part of her big day.

It feels like all I did was eat this weekend which is pretty much the case. You now how it is with your mom and your grandmother are in the same house, there is a hell of alot of cookin going on. We really appreciated the time we got with them. The whole crew left on Sunday, Mom, Dad, Grandma and her little dog Annie.

We got a few hours together before Sarah had to make her way back to Gainesville to continue her pursuit of that dastardly dental degree. We only have 385 days left but whose really counting.

Well here are some pics of our daughter in all her resplendent glory. She looked perfectly angelic and we are proud as hell of her.

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