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March 29, 2010 1 comment

So I just returned from a business trip to Nashville and got to hang out with some great people there. Its funny, I havent had a group of people that I truly consider friends in a long time. Over the last few years this group of 7-8 people have become extremely important to me. We are all open minded, big hearted individuals that love IT, movies and music. And drinking. Maybe mostly drinking.

We had 4 days together to get close again and experience a small sliver of each others lives. It was all in all, badass. Some interesting things happened to us while we were there.

One of our group almost died at a steak house by trying to swallow a whole steak instead of chewing so I got to see a rather inept attempt at the heimlich by another one of our group. While his attempts seemed more like some strange mating ritual it shocked my choking bud into spitting out the offending piece of steak. To my amazement the frugal but practical chokee felt the steak that just tried to kill him was good enough to be put into a doggy bag to take home and slowly savor and hopefully chew up a little more.

I was almost sexually assaulted by a dark skinned muscle laden midget during our little sojourn. Luckly I escaped with only having to feel his bulging muscles in loo of something a little less appealing. I guess that will teach me to have drunken body builders all jacked up about the prospect of repeatedly lifting weighted bars in my room after 4 am.

I was almost in a fight. Something that I try to avoid at all costs as I am not the most physically daunting specimen. 2 of the group helped ensure that even had I been in a geek fight of epic proportions I would come out ok, as they quickly let the gentleman who had an issue with me know that my feeble attempts at physical violence would not be without substantial backup. One of these fine protectors was the midget that had earlier accosted me and I am sure he was just trying to get me to let my guard down so he could follow up with another attempt later that evening.  Everything turned out fine though and the misunderstanding was cleared up.

There were a few 3am trips to waffle house where the less intelligent members of our small tribe decided to damn the 40 degree weather and wear short sleeves, shorts and flip flops. Luckly for them they had more alcohol in their system than blood and seemed oddly unaffected.

It was a great time and a great trip and I can’t wait till we can spend more time together. I think as we get older we probably have fewer friends but the friendships that we make are typically deeper and longer lasting than our high school connections were.

Like I say, the connections in life are what  make it worth living and these fine few really add to my life and provide an immense amount of satisfaction.

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Satan Free!

March 20, 2010 Leave a comment

holy dinosaur! RRAAWRRR!

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