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Yelling doesnt help

December 15, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

So I screwed up. I yelled at Dorothy tonight, I mean really yelled at her. I just lost it. She asked if she could take food into her room and I said, OK, if you are careful. Well she wasn’t careful and ended up spilling mac and cheese and corn all over the carpet. I was so mad. I mean really angry. I figure it cant be at her, i must just be frustrated, more so than I recognize. I think I just miss Sarah and the end of the semester cant get here soon enough.

So after I got done yelling(where does yelling ever help, unless you are in a fire) I went outside and took a minute to collect myself and figure out what had just happened. Then went inside and tried to console my extremely tearful little girl. Its fucked up, she does so much for me and handles so much for our family that she deserves more respect than that. But we sat together, watched some youtube, talked about what had happened, and I apologized. I told her that grown ups make mistakes too and I sure make a good deal of them, but regardless she doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment.

I love her. I hate to see her hurt. And i really hate to be the cause of the hurt. I need to do better.

All in all though its all good. We had a good hour or so together just chillin and hopefully she and I learned a lesson.

If you haven’t seen the ukalali kid it was d’s favorite.

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    I highly enjoyed reading this blogpost, keep on creating such exciting posts!

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