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We can only blame ourselves….

So it pretty much drives me nuts at all the crap that the news agencies around consider news worthy. But glimpsing at a quick run down from the last 2 days at at News Pulse from CNN shows what stories have generated the most traffic. It is really sad and depressing that folks  are the most interested in some fella named Adam Lambert and some model that died after she had elective cosmetic surgery cause she wasn’t hot enough. WTF? So in essence by us paying attention to this garbage and clicking on it and spending time on the page it generates ad revenue for the news agency and prompts them to produce more of this worthless drivel. Am I the only one that looks at some of the shit that is reported and asks how the hell is that important, how is that crap relevant?

Of course there it is in pictures, and I have to say we can only blame ourselves.

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