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The power of social networking… Col. Barfoot’s pole dance

So there’s a story that’s on the horizon and has been making headlines over the last few days. Its about a 90 year old medal of honor winner that fought in WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. His name is Col. Barfoot. And he wants to fly an American flag on a large flagpole in front of his house. Well he received a nice legal document from lawyers hired by the HOA he lives in telling him that if the pole wasn’t removed by Friday legal action would be taken against him.

So a local Richmond paper did an article on it. That article was then picked up by Digg, splurb and other news aggregators.

Bam, that’s when the magic started. The family(actually not the family as I have come to find out, but a concerned citizen named James Andre-Thanks James) started a facebook page which this morning had about 200 fans. As of right now it has 2351 fans and growing steadily. He is starting to trend on twitter and Fox news picked up the story. So now there is extreme pressure being exerted on the HOA and the lawyers that represent them – Coates & Davenport. It is just very interesting and cool that the public now has a very tangible ability to ensure that when organizations get out of line and do stupid things there are serious repercussions.

Of course there is always the concern that it can and will be abused but thats not my position in this case. Without the social network scene to protect and step in and help a man who spent his life protecting us, who would help. It rocks and makes me excited to see it used in this manner.

Some folks want to paint this as a liberal or conservative issue and its really not. This man, this hero should absolutely be able to display the flag he fought for through 3 wars in any respectable manner. I am liberal as hell in some ways but stupid ass rules are just that, stupid ass rules.

  1. December 4, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    Just wanted to say thanks for mentioning the Facebook page in support of Col. Barfoot, and to also let you know that I was the one who started the page after reading about this outrageous story.

    I am not related to the family.

    What I am is someone who couldn’t stand by while a true American hero, a man who represents what this country is all about, is treated with such disrespect and disregard. And yes, I am in the social media business 🙂

    This is truly a disheartening and disappointing story, and I think it hurts us all as Americans that this man is going through this. Thanks for helping to spread the word.


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