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Its not loud enough….

Some times i wish i could turn the music up loud enough to drown out my thoughts, my doubts and my worries. But no matter how loud I can get it, its never quite enough. Sometimes I wish i could just be with the one that I want to be with. If life were that easy or that simple it would be nice. Instead I am stuck, i am stuck worrying that I am not a good father or a good husband or a good employee or a good friend.

Tonight i miss my wife terribly. I miss my best friend. I want to be able to lay down with her and talk until dawn without concern of the coming day. Without thinking about money or war or work or school or anything but the 2 of us. It seems funny that such a simple desire seems so damn hard to come by.

I want to turn the music up. Turn it up until she walks through the door and holds me. Let time fly and get lost in the bass and the treble.

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