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I dont agree….

So I just watched my president send 30000 more American soldiers into Afghanistan. But we will only be there until right before the next election. So in the next 18 months we are going to fix a nation that countries haven’t been able to fix in decades and it hasn’t been able to fix itself forever. I feel really sad. I am tired of being at war.

I don’t see the long term(20 year) gain in a short stay in a country with little infrastructure, no real economy, a corrupt government and a people that will hide the folks we are looking for. What does success look like?

Its funny in a sad way, here in Lakeland the war is very far away. I don’t hear about it much. When a bunch of people die it makes news but no real other time. Right now it is talked about and thought about because Obama just made the speech but most days it is by no means a major topic.

Its different in Clarksville. Of course Clarksville is the home of the 101st. When we were there over thanksgiving we got to eat with a family that’s father was coming home sometime in the next 2-3 days, we met countless people that had been affected by the war. Ft. Campbell was featured as one of the 3 bases that would be sending more troops to Afghanistan.  It just feels like America is not behind this as a whole. And without the people what war has ever succeeded.

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