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How 3D Projection works

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Here is an interesting article on how 3D projection in theaters work. With almost all the new animated films having a 3D variant its kinda cool to understand what makes it pop out like it does. Thanks to Wired for the article. It is short and to the point.

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Avatar and our night out

December 19, 2009 Leave a comment

So we just got back from Avatar. It was a full house with no room to spare. We got there about 30 min early and waited in line but got decent seats. Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of male adolescence present but I was surprised by the number of families that were in attendance.  Its a badass movie. Go see it. It’s a fun show that everyone can enjoy-if you like totally action packed, beautiful,  kickass genre defining SCI-FI movies that is. If you are into half cat, half human, tall blue scantily clad women you will be in heaven. There was a little language and some basic non gory violence. The plot is a little tired but it is packaged in a spectacular way. You will see things that you haven’t seen before. We saw the 3D version and I really enjoyed how the 3D was used to pull you into the movie. There are lots of scenes with small particles, like ash, or embers that seemed to just float around you.  You can tell Cameron cared about his artistic  vision and took his time with the movie. Its long 2+ hours but didn’t seem so the first go round. Both Dorothy and Sarah thought it was an awesome movie, so it was well worth the moolah.

So at our theater, the Cobb here in Lakeland they have a wind machine, its bright yellow and looks like a fancy time machine. It has cylindrical tube that you pay 2 bucks to stand in and the wind blows up to 80 miles per hour. It is covered by windows so you can see all the goodness that goes on inside to whomever decides to face its evil windy wrath.  Well D saw this tube thing and got all excited. She said “Please, Please, Please Let me go in there.”. I mean she was adamant, she really really wanted to go and I couldn’t figure out why she wanted in so bad because she had been to something similar to the one at MOSI in Tampa. So after a few moments of her pleading and giving me the puppy dog eye treatment I caved, gave her the 2 bucks and watched her step inside. Well the wind started picking up and Dorothy’s eyes kinda popped open, She looked at me quizzically through the glass, shrugged her shoulders and asked “What the heck is going on!?”. I had to shout back to her since the wind was picking up a pretty good pace and she was looking more and more freaked out every passing second, “What?” I hollered.

She replied very loudly, shrugging her shoulders and holding her hands up in frustration-“Where’s all the money? Where’re the dollars I’m supposed to catch?”. She thought it was a money spewing wind machine like you would see on a game show. Her face was to die for. She had this puzzled expression that was marred by the force of the wind and her anger was increasing with every passing second that didn’t present greenbacks floating in the wind. Man when she got out she was pissed. She had her hair all jacked up, had been freaked out pretty well and didn’t have a dollar to show for it. Plus she was mildly embarrassed by her misunderstanding.  It was very funny and her ego was salvaged with a large popcorn and a cup of pure sugar in the form of a blue slushy.

It was a good night, and tomorrow we fly to Tenn, where we hope to have a white Christmas and some good times with our families(even though mine are all sick).

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Improv Everywhere

December 16, 2009 Leave a comment

So I have heard of these guys in the past and even seen a video or 2 but I just found a video that made me really happy. Its just cool as beans. Its from Improv Everywhere , a group that organizes “missions” or acts of mass public theatre, it is really neat.

It’s a lighter side of humanity than the one we are generally shown. All these folks working together for no reason other than to have a good time. Trying to make something memorable with no financial, political or individual agenda, but kinda for the greater good. Its refreshing. When I watch these for some reason i feel better about us. It shows that we still have the capability to be kind and good and fun together without the barriers of race, sexuality, religion or any other dumbass bigotry getting in our way.

2 more nights, and my lady love will be home for 2 weeks. Makes me shiver.

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Really good Health Care article

December 15, 2009 Leave a comment

There is a great article written by  Dr. Atul Gawande on the complexities of health care reform and detailing some of what is in the bill in the New Yorker this week. There are some very interesting ideas on pilot programs and different concepts that have been put to good use in other industries. Check it out, he is a smart fella for sure.

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Yelling doesnt help

December 15, 2009 1 comment

So I screwed up. I yelled at Dorothy tonight, I mean really yelled at her. I just lost it. She asked if she could take food into her room and I said, OK, if you are careful. Well she wasn’t careful and ended up spilling mac and cheese and corn all over the carpet. I was so mad. I mean really angry. I figure it cant be at her, i must just be frustrated, more so than I recognize. I think I just miss Sarah and the end of the semester cant get here soon enough.

So after I got done yelling(where does yelling ever help, unless you are in a fire) I went outside and took a minute to collect myself and figure out what had just happened. Then went inside and tried to console my extremely tearful little girl. Its fucked up, she does so much for me and handles so much for our family that she deserves more respect than that. But we sat together, watched some youtube, talked about what had happened, and I apologized. I told her that grown ups make mistakes too and I sure make a good deal of them, but regardless she doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment.

I love her. I hate to see her hurt. And i really hate to be the cause of the hurt. I need to do better.

All in all though its all good. We had a good hour or so together just chillin and hopefully she and I learned a lesson.

If you haven’t seen the ukalali kid it was d’s favorite.

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December 11, 2009 Leave a comment

So there is a book by Keith Mcfarland, called Bounce: The Art of Turning Tough Times Into Triumph. One of the main principles is that we often don’t find and harness our greatest strength until we meet great adversity. It is an interesting quick read and can apply to both business and personal sides of life.  Some core values of the book are resiliency and adaptability, and how we must tap into each to be able to thrive in this new ever changing landscape. The author uses a interesting metaphor to illustrate this point and I thought it would be a fun quick project to make a video that went along with it.

The “Trust” game

December 9, 2009 Leave a comment

So like you I have a ton of video and pics that i dont really know what to do with. Yea I could make an album or dvd but those are projects that don’t hold my gnat like attention span for long. I need something that i can start and finish quickly, so I thought i would start putting some of our “moments” in very small palatable videos. Not really for any purpose except to practice with the software and do something constructive with the media. Here is the first one. I was playing with the speed and color correction filters.

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