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My First android app….Woot!

November 11, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

So I(well me and matty) have started dabbling with development for android. Android is the Google platform that we see hitting the cell market hot and heavy right now. I figure that it cant hurt to learn new stuff and I really enjoy it so why not.

This is my first app for android. I used the eclipse environment with the Android Plugin and I am developing on a Mac. Its a simple Clerks 2 soundboard.(a few buttons that play clips from a movie when they are pushed) Its not finished and I still have quite a few things that i want to do with it but it illustrates some concepts that i had a hard time finding on the web. It shows how to call the xml buttons from the java src, how I got different sounds to the buttons with a simple if statement and just how to declare the different variables. Its nothing elegant or any thing fancy just some basics as I am learning.

The clips are not even close to kid friendly and are offensive to almost everyone. Don’t play them if vulgarity bothers you.


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