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Star Wars….

So I had it. For a few fleeting moments I had that connection tonight. And it was really really good.

Its Wednesday night, Date night as Dorothy calls it. Her and my designated night to hang out and be together. Dinner and a movie is our normal fair but sometimes we foray into the vast unknown of the internet.

Tonight it was Dennys for dinner. And Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back for the movie. Her pick. We were going to watch Napoleon Dynamite, but we were playing with my phone and I have an app that makes Star Wars sounds. Well after she got a hold of that it was all over.  We both decided quickly that it was to be a light saber cutting, hyper-speed filled night.

I knew something special was happening when she started humming the Intro before it came on and she looked at me with excitement. I mean true anticipation. It was real cool. Both of us just chilling and really enjoying a moment together, reveling in the closeness that we were sharing. It made me feel like a good dad. And that felt awesome.

You know, I wonder if down the road she will remember these nights? I know I will.

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