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The mytouch

So we got new phones at the place that provides me the means to survive. Most got blackberries but my non gay partner and I opted for the droid mytouch. Pretty sweet phone really and the web 2.0 capabilities are awesome.

The apps for the droid OS are pretty robust. I have an apple touch as well and while there are more apps for the touch the Mytouch has plenty of cool stuff that you can waste time on. Also i believe that all this can be done via touch or iphone plus the gamut of other smart-phones that are on the market today.

The first app that i think is just as cool as can be is called:

Pixel Pipe- free- Pixel Pipe Pro- .99 cents- http://pixelpipe.com/

This app has hooks to all the big social networks and most of the small ones. You just set the “pipes” up in the app with your log on information and then you can upload any media that is on the phone to any of the sites you have set up. Very sweet.

Of course the phone has the hooks into flickr but it also will do geotagging automatically. It takes a few min to set up because you have to turn geotagging on in the phone, the camera, pixelpipe and then whatever app you are posting too, like flickr or twitter. So if you have geotagging turned on in the phone and on the app you are using to tweet or on the camera when you upload it through pixel pipe it will automatically put it on the map where you took the picture if you so desire.So the next time someone rolls around with an app to pick that up they can see what/where you posted. Pretty nifty stuff.

Then you can use a app called layar that marks in 3d where others have geotagged things, such as tweets or pictures in flickr.

Another great app is called loopt. With loopt you can add someone, say my non gay partner at my esteemed place of employment and if he is logged into loopt on the phone i can tell where he is and what he is doing. I am thinking we need to get a big game of tag going on- could be fun.

I am trying to figure how all this would or could solve business problems and haven’t come up with anything substantial yet but the level of connectivity you can have with this phone in just a few min is pretty amazing.

The way that each one of these little apps talks to each other can give an extremely good insight into someones life, if that’s what you are after.

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