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Of dogfighting and football

So Malcom Gladwell did an extremely interesting comparison on football and dog fighting in The New Yorker recently(Article). He comes at it from the standpoint that Dog fighting is morally repugnant because of the enduring damage that is done to the dogs and the pain that is inflicted on them for the entertainment of the masses. But new studies are showing more and more that the same could be said for football and boxing or any sport that you get beat to hell for the cheers of the crowd.

He gets pretty deep into the science of repeated small impact head trauma and what it does to the brains of those athletes.

The article is not in anyway arguing for dog fighting but more as an awareness piece. The same folks that shout to the rafters at the folks that participate in dog fighting are possibly cheering for their favorite team on Saturday and Sunday.

To me the biggest difference is the athletes have a choice and a huge incentive to play football and the dogs don’t really have a choice or an incentive other than not getting killed.


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