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The future of email?

Thats kinda what Google is saying about its new Google Wave. And there are some interesting capabilities.

Here is a short Overview of it:

1. A wave is kinda like a chat room.You can add friends and everyone can see what is going on in the wave. Anyone can edit anyone’s text and you can type anywhere.

2. It takes all forms of multimedia. Pictures, Vids, presentations that can all be worked on in a group. And they are all drag and drop.

3. It is very easy to incorporate into applications.

4. It seems to be easily extensible and there will be a ton of addons(robots) for it. All the hooks to the other social networks are there, twitter/facebook/blogger/etc.

5. It can translate text in real time. So I can write in french and you receive in English. So now you can hit on french men pretending to be hot woman instead of just sticking to the all English crowd.

I am not sure how this translates to providing the world something it was craving technologically but it sure looks nifty.

Here’s a 7 min vid on it:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6pgxLaDdQw

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