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Motorola Cliq vs HTC MyTouch 3g

November 21, 2009 10 comments

My wife got her Cliq today and I thought I would throw up a quick comparison. Firstly the Cliq seems faster and more stable than the Mytouch 3g(hereon referred to as the mytouch). Its touch screen seems a little more sensitive in a good way. It just feels smoother I guess. The Mytouch can be a little hitchy at times. I don’t have any apps loaded on the Cliq yet and I have the mytouch loaded down with stuff which impacts its speed.

I love the form factor of the mytouch, it is small and light and just really fits in a pocket well. The Cliq is not much larger and I don’t see a problem carrying it around but it does have the pop out keyboard that the mytouch doesn’t and that adds a bit of, o I don’t know, chunkiness, not a huge deal but a difference between the two. The Cliq is a little heavier than the MyTouch and a tad fatter.

The biggest difference besides the pop out keyboard is the way the manufactures have configured the OS. When I first started the mytouch I had a phone. Then I added apps and hooked it to a few sites and my device was complete. When first starting up the Cliq you get prompted for all the social networking site logon’s by default. It quickly aggregates all the sites you are a part of and then pretty much pukes all that data up on the main screen(MotoBlur is what they call it). Initially it seems a little much but I am sure after a while you get used to it. And its face book app is much better than the one on the Mytouch.

Both the phones have all the stuff that smart phones need to have. GPS, speech dialing, speech search from google plus a ton of apps. They both run on android so the underlying OS is the same just Motorola has add a different face to theirs. The integration with google maps is amazing with both the phones and really make traveling to new places fun. Apps like sherpa help a ton.

There are a few negatives to the mytouch though. The power plug looks like it wont accept the regular usb plug but it will.  It doesn’t come with a standard headphone jack on the phone. It comes with a cable you plug into the bottom of the phone(same place as the power cable) and that turns into a regular jack. Me, I lose shit, all the time so I have already lost that little dongle so it can’t be my Mp3 player and phone, just my phone. The Cliq uses the new micro USB that most of the new Blackberries come with and it does include a headphone jack on the phone.

I am impressed with the Cliq. I like the way the keyboard feels, it has a nice spring loaded pop to it and the phone just feels a little more polished ot me than the MyTouch. If I were to choose again I believe I would get the Cliq, the only thing you lose by going with the Cliq over the MyTouch is a little bit of size but you gain a bunch: MotoBlur(not sure if this is a Gain), Pop Out keyboard, Headphone Jack, Normal Power Cable, higher MP Camera, seemingly speedier interface,  and just a better put together package.

Cliq MyTouch 3G
Camera: 5.2 MP 3.2 MP
OS: Android V1.5 Android V1.6
Battery: 1420 mAh 1340 Mah
Internet: 11.2 ounces (317 grams) 10 ounces
Standby: 325 hours max. 420 hours max.
Touch Screen: 3.1″ diagonal 3.2″ diagonal
Resolution: 320 x 480 pixels 320 x 480 pixels
Size: 114 x 58 x 15.6 mm 113 x 56 x 14.7 mm
Talk: 6 hours max. (360 minutes) 7 hours max. (420 minutes)
Weight: 166 g 116 g
Picture from Cliq

Picture from MyTouch 3G

I hope this helps if you are trying to decide between one of these fun phones.


Sometimes Gastric bypass sucks

November 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Ya know,  Sometimes you just want to have one of those nights. A night where you gorge on candy, choke on cola and get decadantly dirty with delicious chocolatey delights.

But with gastric bypass you cant. Well actually you can for a little while. If you plan it correctly you can eat as much candy, sweets and tasty treats as you want for about 15 minutes. Of course the whole time you are experierincing the exctasy that only fine chocolate can bring you, a little voice in the back of your head is sayin “You are dumb, you are dumb” over and over again.

See about 15 min after you start consuming the forbidden fruit your body starts to tell you you have had enough. And it tells you loudly and painfully. It starts with a little cramping, a little sweating, some disorientation and being really really lethargic.  That soon progresses into agonizing cramping and profuse perspiration with a little drooling. Sexy I know. Then you start to have these small body spasams and soon comes the upchuckin. Your breathing shallows out and your pule raises as your body tries to get rid of all the sugar you just put into you system. In short you are pretty damn miserable. Generally you stay this way for about 2 hours or so hoping that you will die and the world will stop spinning.

Happened to me last night during an otherwise wonderful movie night. The culprit was 1/2 a tub of Orville Reddenbocker’s Poppycock. And since i survived, barely I might add, It will probably happen again. But not for a long long time.

No matter what, I am glad I had it done but sometimes Gastric bypass sucks.


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William & Hannah

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good morning Daytona

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its early in Daytona.

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My First android app….Woot!

November 11, 2009 Leave a comment

So I(well me and matty) have started dabbling with development for android. Android is the Google platform that we see hitting the cell market hot and heavy right now. I figure that it cant hurt to learn new stuff and I really enjoy it so why not.

This is my first app for android. I used the eclipse environment with the Android Plugin and I am developing on a Mac. Its a simple Clerks 2 soundboard.(a few buttons that play clips from a movie when they are pushed) Its not finished and I still have quite a few things that i want to do with it but it illustrates some concepts that i had a hard time finding on the web. It shows how to call the xml buttons from the java src, how I got different sounds to the buttons with a simple if statement and just how to declare the different variables. Its nothing elegant or any thing fancy just some basics as I am learning.

The clips are not even close to kid friendly and are offensive to almost everyone. Don’t play them if vulgarity bothers you.



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good hot chocolate from the flying biscuit

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breakfast in gville

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breakfast at pizza palace. yummy!

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