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Giftless BirthDay party

So soon Doro and I are headed out to the fabled Pizza Parlor, Chucky Cheese for a Birthday party. But this Bday is a little different from the last few that we have been too, the invitation specifically states No Gifts Please!!! Double underlined, bolded and very emphatic.  So I asked D why no gifts and she answered back a little puzzled, cringing “Because the mom doesnt want anymore mess in her house.” This is per the Birthday Boy.

Now maybe its true and maybe its not but for a kid I have to think its hard to have a birthday party and not get presents. I mean isn’t that the point. The stacks of brightly colored gifts celebrating 1 more year survived, one more notch on the belt, another step closer to adulthood where birthdays lose there luster and flair.

I just thought it was odd, its kind of a trade off. The birthday party provides my kid something to do, something to celebrate and in thanks I give your kid a gift. Seems fair enough to me.

I dont think this is the political birthday position i will be running as long as D as any say in the matter. I believe I would tank at the poles.

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