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Nook vs Kindle 2

this is an older article, if you want the latest and greatest check out this one.

So I am just kinda drooling over an Ereader. I was pretty much all set to get a kindle until a pal o mine made mention of the new Barnes and Nobles Nook that is coming. It’s going to be released in late November for the same price as the Kindle 2, $259.00. Ereaders are sweet. I really think down the road once OLED gets going this is the future of communications. The biggest differences are listed below.

The Nook is a little smaller than the kindle but the display size is the same and its a little thicker.

Nook Kindle
Height: 7.7 inches 8 inches
Width: 4.9 inches 5.3 inches
Depth: 0.5 inches .36 inches
Weight: 11.2 ounces (317 grams) 10 ounces

1. You can lend books on the Nook. You can not do that now on the kindle. That rocks- But alas there are going to be caveats, some publishers may turn this feature off and books may be able to only be leant out once.

2. You can view any pdf on the Nook. You cant do that on the kindle without a little fee.

3. Nook has a Color Touch Screen – 3.5″ TFT Color LCD – this is at the bottom and is used to control all the nifty stuff the nook  does. Nook also has a replaceable battery, Kindle does not.

4. Both can defaultly hold about 1500 titles but the  Nook has a memory card slot that can increase that to 17000.

5. You can browse the book covers in color. They are making a big deal about this. I dont really think there is anything overly compelling about browsing small still pics in color or in B&W especially when I am just trying to find a book i am going to read in B&W.

6. You can put pictures on your Nook and “personalize” it. Blah. Meh. I dont care about this either. Its an ereader. I have 10 other devices that I can put pictures on. Mabey link to Flickr would be cool but really its an Ereader-you read shit on it.

7. Battery power goes to the Kindle, it lasts 14 days with one charge with wireless turned off. Nook only lasts 10.

8. It has wifi and 3g. Kindle only has 3g. (Wifi is the wireless router you have at the house)- And Barnes and Nobles wants to make sure you know that they have free wifi at their stores  for ya.

9. Barnes and Nobles has over a million titles ready to roll and amazon has 350k for the kindle. You can preview any of the books on both devices.

10. Word docs dont work on the nook and do on the kindle. Epub and ereader formats supported on the Nook.

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  1. Mike
    November 1, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    Great comparison. Your time is appreciated.

  2. January 13, 2010 at 7:22 pm

    It is a good comparison. I just got my Nook and it just does nothing but crashes. No ebooks can be opened, not even the ones that came with the machine. I’m sending it back as I waited long enough to get it to have it not work. I’m getting the Kindle instead.

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