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The parenting thing freaks me out. I sometimes feel trapped. Not by being a parent I love that. But by knowing what to do next and is it the right thing to do and how screwed up is my kid gona be if I do this and how much will therapy cost. its like a barrage. And i enjoy the constant challenge but man i wish we I could see who she was gonna be at the end. Kinda.

D is old for a 7 year old. Not like old maid old or serial depressed killer old but heck she is almost more mature than I am. You should see D and I teasing each other with her mom in the middle  trying to maintain peace.

I don’t know, there is some weird residual guilt for raising my kid the way I do i guess, maybe because we are friends, Really good friends. And why not, chick loves Cool movies(Although really good PG movies are not the easiest to find), and good music. She is begging for Sar and I to take her to Next Big Thing. But there is a weird discipline between Us. If you have been around us you know how D is. She owns her mistakes. For the most part.  She listens and respects us and I think that is because we listen and respect her.

Its a truly powerful thing when you have the ability to totally mold someones world view. I have seen 3 year old racists. Its  a crazy powerful thing, and its one that I want to make sure to consider in all my actions.

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