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The morning after…

Thomas L. Friedman wrote a great article in the New York Times yesterday about our plans in Afghanistan. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/28/opinion/28friedman.html?_r=1&hp . His main point is we can’t make peace but we can help countries that want to make peace. He cites several cases including the surge, where we were successful because of the native populaces desire to change things in their countries. In all the cases that we were successful, we were the helper not the pusher of our agenda.

Its refreshing to see respected members of the press give logical reasons why we shouldnt be nation building in countries that may not be ready for it. I especially like his point about waiting for the morning after the morning after.

He says :

” In the Middle East, all politics — everything that matters — happens the morning after the morning after. Be patient. Yes, the morning after we shrink down in Afghanistan, the Taliban will celebrate, Pakistan will quake and bin Laden will issue an exultant video.

And the morning after the morning after, the Taliban factions will start fighting each other, the Pakistani Army will have to destroy their Taliban, or be destroyed by them, Afghanistan’s warlords will carve up the country, and, if bin Laden comes out of his cave, he’ll get zapped by a drone.”

If our history tells us anything, we are not very good at seeing the morning after the morning after. We dont ever seem to think ahead to how our action or in this case our inaction would help or hurt the situation in the long run.

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