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The bane of society…….

Its TV. Plain and simple. Its the mind numbing vicarious experience offered up by the High def gods to pacify the populous., and the people’s willingness to injest the utter garbage that is on television. It drives me insane.

Folks watch a program that shows huge problems being resolved in half an hour and then are dissatisfied when things in their life don’t happen like the show. And most Never realize it. They watch shows with actors that don’t look like normal people and feel bad about not being pretty enough or buff enough. It is just something else that we can sub consciously judge ourselves against and always come up lacking.

I see so many people complain about their lot in life and then find a way to spend 2-3 hours watching TV. They are not proactive, planning how to make their life better because they can have a shitty day and go sit down and watch what ever crap show is on the tube and feel a little bit better about their personal situation because the folks that are on the screen get treated like rubbish and bounce back with no after affect.

I believe it also heavily hinders communication. there are multiple articles that refer to a decrease in communication and intimacy when a TV is present in the bedroom. Its because it presents another option other than spending time with your partner. Critical time. Some of Sarah and my most favorite moments happen in bed. And no not all of them are involving a swing or horse whip. We talk, for hours at a time in bed.

I believe it perpetuates complacency and contentment in accepted misery which a lot of people accept as normal.

Most shows are strictly a vehicle for advertising and as soon as ratings dip a newer flashier version of the same crap comes out. Read a book. Talk to your partner. Surf the web. Watch a movie. There are a million better things to do than sit in front of the TV being force fed crap.

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