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Shopping Carts and Litter can help the economy

I think environmentalists should be called humanists. I mean really, they dont care about the enviroment, they care about humans ability to coexist with the enviroment. They care about sustaining the human race.

I just find it funny when the green zealots of the world say, “I am pro enviroment!! I love the earth. Save the planet!” like it is a purely altruistic thing. When in fact it is anything but.

Me, I am a true environmentalist. I enjoy littering and polluting as much as possible to hasten the enevitiable demise of the human race so the earth will be able to cleanse its self completely.

I also think littering is an economic boon. I litter; someone gets paid to pick it up, or it provides the orange jump suit clad prisoner with some diversion from normal prison activities as they stroll the scenic highways picking up my trash.

I think there are little things we can do everyday to help our sagging economy. Another simple one is to not put shopping carts away. If everyone put every shopping cart back, like the stores want us to, think of all the jobs that would be lost. No more Publix people lurking in the parking lot attempting to grab your shopping car to return it to shopping cart central. Or the Walmart lot lingerers using their nifty little cart movers to collect as many carts as possible.

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