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I feel grouchy tonight. Grouchy, grumpy, depressed and sad. I think it is a mild case of Sarah withdrawal, because pretty much it is the same every Monday night. Yesterday i was with the person that really does complete me as corny as that may seem and tonight I am not. Youd think I would be used to it but I am not. I miss my bud, sharing my day getting a kiss and a little more if I am well behaved. We got about 18 months to go before we are back together again. Sometimes that seems like nothing and sometimes it seems like forever. Tonight is a forever night. O well I have my little devil spawn, the apple of my eye with me to keep me company and keep me busy.

Its just funny to me. We bust our ass(we the human race) to find a way to hang out with the people we love, or at least i would like to think that is why most of us do the crap that we do. To be secure financially so we can play when we are post 55 or now post 65. So that gives us about 10 years to enjoy the fruits of the last 6 decades. By that time though it seems like we are spending more time in proximity to our doctors than anything else. So when we finally get to that mythical place of financial security and we have the time to hang out with the people that make us happy our bodies are falling apart. Someone some where is laughing at us. Sometimes I think there has to be a better way.

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