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So last night I talked to a friend I hadnt talked to in 4-5 years. he was my best friend in high school and even though we havent been close in the 15 years(omfg that really makes me sound dated) or so that have passed,  it seemed liked it was just yesterday that we last talked. We fell easily into conversation and it was pretty darn nifty.

It was odd how similar we are. Neither of us likes to small talk, we are not social creatures, we want to understand who you are where you are coming from and what we are going to learn from you. We like to talk about inane stuff that doesnt matter but is still interesting to contemplate. We are passionate about our relationships and about the whole living process. There are surface differences for sure but the core, the root, the connection that held us so closely together during the tumultuous time of teen experience is still there. It’s funny talking to him was kinda like talking to myself had my dice rolled a different way.

Who knows how long we will remain connected and if it will last but for the moment it is good.

I dont have many people in my life that I consider real friends. Hell i can probably count the  people that have been true friends to me on 1 hand, maybe 2 but he was one and hopefully we will start to build our connection back.

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