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My life as a car metaphor….

I have a theory, or an idea or a philosphy about life. Actually I have many but this is one that I come back to fairly often. 

I like to think we are like cars. So when we are born we have our new unpainted  car. As we come up through our formative years we define that car. Some will be fast flashy hot rods, some will be slow-moveing boat like caddies but I figure by year 8-10 in the avg persons life your car is pretty much painted and ready to roll. It’s undented and heavily polished. new paint all shiny and fresh.

Then we get on the road. On the road we tap, bump, swerve, touch and sometimes – often, if we are lucky – we crash into other cars. Everyone we interact with has some influence on us. everyone leaves some mark on our car. Everything we go through is another nick or chip on the paint but for the most part they are small marks here and there. I often wonder what kind of mark I will leave on those that I interact with.

 Then there are those times when you have a full on wreck, you come out dented, scratched,  and a little different than you were before your collision. These would be the life changers, your kids, your Wife, the friend you stayed up with for hours talking to for years as a teen, the few folks that you really felt molded you.  

I enjoy the wrecks, I crave the wrecks, I wish we would have more of them. When i meet someone that is just a real badass i like to think, wow I am glad we crashed into each other. I enjoy someone getting me and someone helping me see the world in a new way or understanding some fundamental truth that may have eluded me for so long.

 Hopefully at the end of the road your car is almost unrecognizable, hopefully its beat to hell and scratched up and you have paint swathes of many colors and sizes on your car. Hopefully you have left many a mark on other peoples cars as well. What kind of life would it have been if you had a new looking car at the end of the road?

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