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Love Defined

So my lovely wife is on her way from gainesville right now. its 7:45 in the evening and she had a full day of classes. She is driving up to see me and our daughter just like she has everyweekend for the past 2+ years. I cant wait. I am excited. Shes coming. My hero returns from another week of dental conquest. It is unreal the emotion I have for this other person. We have ben together 8 years, but I am excited as our first date.

When sarah walks through the door, dorothy will run up to her arms all aspread. They will hug and she will flash that amazing smile to me and I know for a little while everything is gonna be OK. I turns me inside out and loopty looped. i am so glad I can feel this way. About an hour. I think about her. In the car, kinda sleepy, listening to NPR or CNN determine to make it home. She isnt a late night gal. Not my sar. She is a morning bird for sure. Me, not so much. So I know she is just worn out. And all she wants to do is get home so she can snuggle on our LoveSac with our daughter and me. Throw a movie on and fall asleep next to us. I wish you could convey emotion accuratly on paper or pixel but it doesnt ever really translate.

She rocks. She is my best friend. She is my partner in everyway. I just admire and respect her so much.

Its really good to be in love.

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