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Does motive matter?

In some cases sure motive matters. As humans we desire to find the why, if we can find the why we can have an answer and we cant stand not having an answer. In alot of cases though the motive just doesnt matter.

I take a look at all the excuses we make for all the evil shit that happens in this country and it makes me sick. Most of us have had trauma, most of us have had some bad thing happen or multiple bad things happen. And most of us get on with our lives in a “normal” manner. We play the game and do what we have to to get along.

But there are some that cant handle these issues. Some of them kill their children and live off the government for the rest of thier lives. Some steal and rape children and get judged on mental competancy. We declare them insane or they just snapped or they couldnt handle the pressure.

Personally I dont give a damn why they do what they do, the fact is they did it. They harmed other people. They couldnt cope with the problems others in similiar situations did. So many times we hear about the terrible childhood of the killer or the crook. Or the mental instability that caused them to do what they do. But to me that lessens the struggle of the other 100s of thousands of people that have gone through similiar circamstances and are making it. The ones that have found some way to make it through the day with out murdering anyone. The ones we never hear about.  Everyone I know is screwed up to some extent. Everyone has issues, some are most defidently more impactful than others but most deal with them.

So the question is why do the ones that dont make it get a break. Why dont we cull them from the herd a little quicker. They are sick, they have proven that they do not have the capability to exist in “Normal” Society, do we owe them something? I dont think so. I think if you are guilty of murder, the type of murder that is cut and dry catch the guy with the bloody knife in the house over the girfriends body with the boyfriends head boiling in the tea kettle at home kind a murder, you should die. Quickly. rapists are the same way to me. If its cut and dry why do these folks get to live? Whats the point? So we can hope they can come back into society? Arent there some lines you just cant cross?

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