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The Connection

i cant quite figure out why i want to blog. i guess its because i feel like i have alot to say. things that i see folks struggling with(myself included) and just want to put it out there.

So the connection, thats what it is all about to me.

i figure everyone in life has to figure out why they are here and whats the point of being here. I dont think one answer will last for very long, “the meaning of life” changes as we do I figure. And of course long is relative it may last 10 years or even 30 years but really if you are like most folks you will live to the ripe old age of 70ish before you kick off. Which gives you more than enough time to have serious changes in values and beliefs.

(Back to the connection, enough of my meandering.)

In the last few years i have figured out what life for me is all about. I mean i feel that shit in my soul. I know what i need to do to maintain my happy state and preserve my life as it is now. I have to protect my connections.

It seems like all life wants to do, and thats a cop out not life but what we clutter our lives with are things to take us away from the things that matter.

How much time do you spend doing what you want to do? How much do you spend doing what you Have to do?

the funny thing is what we have to do today seems like it is so much more than it used to be.

sometimes i wish i could be bok the cave dude, only needing to worry about procreating, defecating and where the heck am I gonna get my grub. At least back then bok could say this is some bullshit to go hunting but I need to eat.

I dont feel like we are doing anything worthwhile or meaningful when filling out paperwork or standing in line or doing a million other inane things we have to do to exist in this society. Dont get me wrong this is not a bitch fest about having to work to survive, I am all about that. getting my lazy ass out of bed in the morning and going to work is my version of bok hunting. its just all the other shit that drives me insane. Like Lawn care. what the hell is that term. I hate lawn care(the idea and the term), we have turned into such a control freak ass society that we need our lawns to be manicured. What the f……. I dont get it.

And thats the stuff that pulls us away, the little shit that we fill our lives with that either never allows us to have a true connection or takes us away from our connection. And when I say connection I mean it. I mean someone that gets you to your core, understands what a screwed up weird person you are and says meh, thats what makes me love you. I think you find it once or twice in a lifetime and sometimes it can be so fleeting and so quickly put out if not tended to that it is gone in an instant.

And thats kinda what this blog is about in a round about way.

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