The 2 bugs

The 2 friends sat close to each other pondering the adventure before them. A warm breeze was blowing in the twighlight hours on the rural road they called home. They were 2 fireflys from the Brightback tribe and it was their time to go on the “journey”.

Looking at the 2 of them huddeled together on the tree branch sharing a leaflet of honeydew it was hard to understand why they were friends.

Ben, the considerably bigger, brighter and stronger of the two seemed to have every advantage. He was a fine speciman by any fireflys standard.  He had honor marks galore depicting all the trials he had been through and all the food he had gathered and the offspring he had sired, an asset to any tribe for sure. He was always first to volunteer and the last to leave. He had a cheery disposition that seemed to be as bright as his light.

On the left of him was his much different best friend Nic. Nic was a “Dull Bug” as they classified them in the clan. He was a small brownish dull looking bug. One antenna shorter than the other and his wings never fitting quite right against his body he had been giving the short side of the genetic stick. He did have one paticular quality that though, Nic was bright, not in the tradtional brightback way but as intelligent as the wisest elder in the tribe. Unfortunatly wisdom, intellignce and inginuty did not bring many favors from his blinking society.

It seemed like forever ago when the two became friends. They had known of each other from passing in the swamp and seeing one another at gatherings. Heck everyone knew Bud, he was this generations hero. The strongest fastest and most glowiest of the batch. On the other hand Mic had a certain notority around him, parents would scold their little larvae to hold off on pupating as long as they could or they would turn out like dull bug. How the two became friends is an interesting tale.

It was a rainey evening long ago when Bud was out and about, blinking here and there trying to find some company for the night. He was sipping on nectar flitting around thinking about how living life as Bud was pretty dandy. Bud had just set down on a little leaf and let off a series of his best and brightest flashes hoping to bring in a female friend or two when tradgedy struck.

Wap!!!!! A wet sticky bumpy noxious smelling tounge grabbed him. All of a sudden he was hurtling toward the gaping maw of Othello, one of the meanest and hungriest bullfrogs this side of the road.

As Ben got closer to being a flashing snack he thought “I am done for!”. He struggled to free himself from the sticky situation but couldnt  budge, instinctivly he started quickly flashing his SOS warning pattern.

“Ahhhh, so good” he heard the tounge tied Othello mumble in contimplation of his fine snack.

“What a way to go” thought Bud, “Me, the biggest and brightest becoming a appatizer to a durn bull frog.” He squirmed some more barely keeping out of Othellos mouth by using all the force in his large legs to keep above the chomping jaws. But he knew it was a battle that he would soon lose. He was tiring and the foul odor and sticky wetness was taking their toll on him.

Not too far away Nic was gathering some herbs for a concotion he had been working one. While gathering he caught a glimps of Bens blinking light and rushed to see what the hub bub was all about. He saw Ben being slowly forced into Othellos mouth and knew he would have to act fast if he was going to have a chance to save the Hive hero.

Looking down at the different oddities he had accumilated over time he grabed a purple walnut from his leaf made pouch and smiled wickedly. “This should do the trick” he wispered queitly as he headed over to the frog.

The frogs mouth was wide open with Ben in the middle, bens legs were on either lip of othello just barely holding him above the opening.

Nic saw his chance as the giant warted amphibian opened wider to dislodge the struggeling firefly. Phewp!!! went the walnut as he threw it into the massive opening. Knowing what was coming next Mic hastely retreated to saftey behind a tree.

Almost the instant Ben saw the wierd purple walnut fly past his head into the mouth of Othello he could tell the tide was turning. The toads eyes got huge and he released ben violently, his tounge shooting back into his moth. Ben fell to the groud with a wet slimy thud, and he just lay there and watched this spectacle before him. Othello looked straight up in the air and opened his mouth as wide as he could but something odd was happening, he seemed to be getting bigger. he actually seemed to be growing right in front of Bens eyes. Ben was  confused as heck not sure how to take in this sudden change in circimstance and the ever enlarging toad in front of him.

Othello knew that he was in trouble, he started trying to wobble away his eyes full of bewilderment and suprise but he kept getting larger. His skin was pulled so tight and taunt over his engorged body that he was having a hard time moving. He looked like a big wet green sickly balloon with little flippers attached. he rolled over onto his side, one eye looking at Ben. “Help me” he croaked knowing full well he would recieve no such assistance.

Ben saw othello loll over to one side his eye peering at him, croaking terribly when POP, Othello exploded. green goo went everywhere and Ben was covered in the putrid stuff.  Gagging and doubley wet from mouth slime and foul internal fluids Ben crawled away warely. Not sure what had just happened, he tried to stand but fell again when one of his battered legs gave out on him.

“Hold on, Hold on” he heard from a bush to the left. More rustling and moving around snapping sounds and some weird whirring noise. A few agonizingly long minutes later out popped Mic. “Tada” Mic exclaimed holding some odd contraption in his hand.

“Did you do that?” Ben asked as he nodded to the grisly remains of the toad, eyes wide with surprise that the town reject could best such a beast as Othello.

“Well yessir yes i did” Nic replied in his fast paste high pitch voice.

“Thank you so much!!!!!” replied Ben with real gratitude. he knew he would have been Othellos dinner if it wasnt for his new friend.

Nic helped load Ben on a little stretcher he had thrown together and they headed back to town.

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