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December 17, 2012 1 comment

I was excited as heck. I found this amazing Business intelligence poster(to be more Imageprecise @m0dernist found it) that I wanted. We are doing a bunch of BI initiatives and it looked like it would be a helpful visual tool for us.

So I went to Microsofts site got the image(what I thought was the image), sent it on to and waited happily for my super cool poster to arrive. My long cardboard cylinder showed up in short order. Hands shaking with geeky anticipation I carefully unfurled my master piece… and boy did it look bad.  Image

Well I was a little irritated and a little nervous because this was my first time dealing with these folks over at and I didn’t know how amazing their support was. I sent an email over saying “Hey what the heck is going on my poster looks bad yadda yadda.”

Their responsive support saw the issue and  started looking into why and how it could be fixed. During this time I, the super awesome tech, was feeling pretty good. Obviously they were all over the mistake they had made and they sure as heck were gonna make it right by golly or they would face my wrath and the wrath of my 3 followers. And this is where they decided to earn a forever fan and advocate of

Ultimately I get a support fellow named Matt who explains very diplomatically that me – super tech brain that I am – had uploaded the thumbnail copy of  the poster and not the poster at all. His response deserves to be seen –

“…otherwise the only option I’m afraid is to painstakingly retype and reset every paragraph with the correct text in high resolution.  If you have access to the source text we can do this for you but it will not be able to ship in time for the holidays.  If none of these options are suitable we can offer a refund for your order.  I am sorry we were not able to catch this earlier and save you some time.  If you have any ideas we’ll do whatever we can to resolve this for you as fast as possible.”

I couldn’t really believe his response. It actually took me a day to respond because I was in awe of the greatness of it.

I uploaded the wrong file, they created the poster that I actually asked for, it arrives, I am unhappy, I complain and blame them for my mistake, they recognize that it is actually user error(my end users would be tickled I think) and they don’t even bring that up.

What they do mention is – They are willing to retype from scratch the poster if I can find the source – now I aint the brightest but thats gonna take a lot of time a lot more than the paltry amount they charge for their awesome service – they are willing to take the full cost of the error I created and do whatever the heck it takes to make sure I feel satisfied with their service. Well kudos to you and kudos to you Matt Stephenson you make the world awesome. I ended up finding the correct PDF and sending that on and they are getting it back to me asap.

It rocks to do business with companies like this and even though i don’t have a need often if I ever do need to print me a poster, I know where I can go that’ll treat me like the princess I think I am. So check em out. They get it and they will treat you right!


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News has never effected me like it has this time. I just keep thinking 20 kids, 20 kids, 20 kids, 20 kids. I am so hurt. I feel so angry. I dont want to care this much. I am getting older. I can see those parents and what a terribly scary and soul twisting ordeal. How do you ever come back from that. How do you just not check out., 20 kids, 20 kids, 20 kids. Is it because the population is getting larger and there for by % more of us are broke? Faaaaasssskkkk. I know I feel wooped as hell. I had a few long nights recently and I kinda thought ok thats why it impacted me so much. But got up this morning got my coffee, sat down and started reading the news and just started bawling. Like a little girl. So i may be verbal in the next bit because i sure as hell feel like screaming. I hope you have a good day and do something nice for someone. 

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The trick to windows 8

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Windows 8 was frustrating for me to learn. As i navigated around I was having such a hard time becuase i was not on a touch monitor. On surface windows 8 is a thing of pure beauty. With out touch it kinda felt like a fish out of water. Then I discovered the power of the right click.

The secret of any OS is quickly getting you to the place you need and windows 8 uses the right click to emulate alot of the touch features.

Start Screen for windows 8 – Badass in my opinion. Alot of converged data but still organized as you would like it.

 Above – No right click.

But if you right click on that screen the All apps comes up. Click that to get all your applications.

Below – Right ClickWindows 8 right click – All apps bottom right – on touch you would swipe up from the bottom to have it pop up.

That will take you to this screen.

Right click on apps inside all apps. Each app can have customized items in the bottom border bar.


This is pretty much the money shot for windows 8. You can open, run and do everything you need to from this screen. Right click on any icon and you will see the options for that application in the bottom border bar. The design becomes pretty fluid with a little use. Now that Im used to right clicking Im having better experience. I still forget about the right click from time to time so it will take a little while for it to become second nature.

Windows 8 may take a little while to learn but you didnt always know apple, and you didnt always know how to drive so Im sure with a little time and patience you will be pro at it. I think its important to take a hard look at this OS. Its not perfect but it is truly innovative. It is a ground up approach taking what has become our preferred way to interface into account in almost every decision. Its worth your time.

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A week

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Well my little project has been up on kickstarter for 7 days. Some interesting stuff has happened in that time. Ive seen traffic to all my pages increase 8-10x the normal amount of traffic. I have been contacted by several folks interested in Bloom for purposes other than I initially thought.

As you can see the Kickstarter video has been seen 3700 times. Not too shabby. But my funding has plateaued a bit and I had 2 folks pull out of funding yesterday. I figured that would happen and may happen again. 250 is a bunch of money especially with all the new phones and tablets coming out. With that being said I am at 17% funding with about 23% of the time gone. It looks like there is a flurry of activity in the beginning and then that peters off a bit. i will be curios to see if that trend continues with other projects i have. Social Sharing has been so so – 52 likes in 6 days tells me Bloom doesn’t resonate with a ton of people.

Its friday night and I was pretty beat up this afternoon from a late night with queen vic but after dinner and hanging out with the fam i feel alot better. I hope you weekend goes well.

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Well its day 4 and I am at 8% funded on my Kickstarter. Its doing better than I thought it would to be honest. You dont get a ton of stats from kickstarter but here is a screen cap of a part of the dashboard they provide. Image

I know for alot of the big guns and heavy names out their 1300 views is paltry but for me 1300 views in 4 days is pretty darn good. With 13% of them actually finishing the video(which could do with a little work). Thats 170ish folks that let the whole video play. It seems somewhere out there something is resonating with folks or they are retching so hard from the awfulness of my ideas they cant close the browser or stop the vid. Nothing I have ever done before generated that much interest.

Its nice not having to worry about my product being seen. Sure there are marketing campaigns and news stories for some projects and obviously some have a hell of alot of cash behind them but for the most part each project gets the same chance at being found, leaving it up to the user to judge the value. The exposure I have gotten from having a kickstarter project has already made any monetary/time investment(which there has been a bit of) worth while.  Yes, you can push it to your social networks, and you can leverage your contacts but most of the folks I know personally or through Social probably wouldn’t be my market.  If you are like me and hate selling stuff then Kickstarter or other crowdsourcing platforms seem perfect. They let you concentrate on the tech and they give you exposure. Yummy.

of course even with all the exposure in the world sometimes the message gets muddles. An issue I have with Bloom(more over the message) is folks keep thinking you have to put it together. You dont. You order it and choose what color  and it shows up ready for play at your house nothing else needed. I am not sure how i can get that across better. i do think the picture looks a little shabby so right now I am building another one to use for a new video.

Its always funny how you see the actions and decisions you make play out vs the way they are received. Like the color of the prototype. Folks really hate the yellow. That was a decision that I thought about and finally landed on.  I thought “Wow, what color  would be bright and happy and shiny? Yellow!” My wife said to go with black, the daughter said chrome I disregarded both and went with textured yellow which has caused some real confusion. The next one will be clean Blue i think. I have at least learned another lesson, Bottom line, listen to the chicks cause they are right!

Heres hoping you are having a Happy Day!

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The Process

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Going through this kickstarter process has been interesting. As of today i have 1 backer for my project. I feel good and bad about it. First i feel like hell yea I got a backer on kickstarter! Second I feel like – Hell I got “a” backer on kickstarter.  For those that are unaware kickstarter is a site that gets  funding for an idea of yours by other folks that find value in that idea.

I built Bloom from a baby idea in my head into a finished project. I wanted to see if I could come up with something and what the process was to get that something on kickstarter and to see if this idea had merit. It would rock to have Bloom get funded and for us to drive that idea forward but that wasn’t the immediate goal. The goal was get a project on Kickstarter. Its neat having a project on there next to projects that are getting millions of dollars of funding. Plus I am learning a bunch for the next time. And I wont lie, of course it would be even better for it to be sucessfully funded but if it doesnt I am not gonna quit trying, I will just refine my processes.

Thats a reason I love these crowdsourcing platforms. I have a ton of ideas, and I have gotten pretty decent at figuring out which and what I can bring to small scale fruition. So now when I start my next project I will have a very defined goal in place. Get it to kickstarter and get 20% funded or something like that. Enough iterations and i should see sucess….at some point.

Before Kickstarter came along I had  few web products that I built and got a little bit of funding for. But the part that always dragged me down and just took my energy away was trying to sell people on an idea. Its just not my ball of wax. Thats truly why i love the idea of these crowdsourcing platforms. They are for the dreamers. If you can vet your idea through this platform it will save you a ton of time. From the reception of Bloom so far I know that I probably am not in the right space and for me to be  successful some changes will need to be made.  For the next project I need to scale the price down, make the concept easier to understand, and polish it a bit more before release to Kickstarter.

I have also met some really cool folks that have helped me understand that others do see value in my concepts and that is always reaffirming and builds confidence. And the people that have given input on kickstarter have been a great resource to make my next project better.

I write this with fingers crossed that Bloom will take off, that the inherit value and beauty of Bloom will win over the hearts of the masses and it will get funded. I also write this with open eyes knowing that there is a good possibility of Blooms failure to get funded. But the lessons learned, the experiences gained and the knowledge that I get from the failure makes it way worth it. Anyone that really knows me, knows i dont fear failure, hell I fail all the time. But i try and learn from each failure. I just want to  make myself a little better after each one. And i know this as a truth in my life – I would rather try and fail 1000 times than to not try.

Happy monday!

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A small win.

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A few months ago I made a goal. That goal was to develop a product and get it on Kickstarter. Yesterday my very first Kickstarter went live. So kudos to me. 

The product is called Bloom. Its a lamp that can be programmed and does alot of things that I consider cool. Im not sure if other folks will consider it cool but thats the beauty of Kickstarter. Get your idea, get it created, get it on kickstarter and see if its validated. If not take what you learned and do it again. I have become a fervent believer in iterative prototyping for almost every aspect of life. Do it, do it again, do it again each time improving on what you do. 

So today im celebrating a little win for me. I hope you have a little win in your Saturday as well. Happy day!

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Catching Up

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In the last 9 monthes alot of life has happened. Sarah and I settled back into life together pretty quickly. Soon after she returned home we found out she was with child. So we had us a baby. Also my best pal left my place of employment and I have had the opportunity to work with another pal and she is kicking but and taking names. Dorothy and I continue to be  close. Shes an awesome kid and we have alot of fun together. She has absolutely made Victoria so much easier. I have been surprised at how much I have enjoyed Victoria. Thats been a blast. It sure is alot rougher than handleing a 10 year old….most days. Sarah and I have gotten insanely close. Its really a fun time for us right now, its so damn nice to be back together. I continue to think that the lessons we learned during our 4 year journey will pay off in spades. So now that we are all caught up. Lets get back to it.

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PT-AE7000u Review

December 28, 2011 Leave a comment

A quick video review of our new projector. Pretty badass. Happy Holidays!

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A decade

July 28, 2011 1 comment

Wow, Today Sarah and I celebrated a decade of being married. Man that time flew. We’ve had a really great run so far and Im looking forward to the next 40 years with her. When I look at where I was 10 years ago it seems much farther away. When Sarah and I met I was about as mature as a 7 year old. Now Im at least 15ish. Before I met her i didnt really know what it was to be happy. I mean I had had friends and had passing times of enjoyment but until I met Sarah I never felt fulfilled and happy with myself. It sounds a little codependent but I care not. She’s my wife, and damn I love her. Watching her go from being a teenager into this lovely woman I get to share my life with has been a pleasure. She always knows what to say to calm me down and she picks up where I am weak. We are blessed to be together. 10 years is a long time for people to be Happily married today. But thats what I am, I am happily married to the love of my life and just count myself fortunate to have been able to be in her life and have a chance to make her days a little brighter.

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